In our house, the most-requested appetizer is something I’ve made for our gatherings at the station – Jalapeno Boats. It’s a recipe from my pal, Suzanne Bissett, host of "Your Life Arizona" on 3TV.

There are only four ingredients. It's low-carb and so delicious! (As is anything with bacon!) When my oldest son, Rocky, is around, I double and even triple my usual amounts. He can put away a whole tray!

Ingredients2-3 8-oz. packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese1 jar medium picante sauce (or whatever salsa you like)2 packages of bacon, cut in half (I sometimes use the maple-flavored kind.)20 jalapeno peppers (for 40 pieces)

DirectionsPreheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the ends off the jalapenos, then slice lengthwise. (I try and use gloves to keep the jalapeno juice off my hands; it burns if you rub your eyes!)

Usa a spoon (I use ridged grapefruit spoon.) to gut the pepper halves. Remember to scoop out the white spine and all seeds. We don’t want any tears.

Mix softened cream cheese and salsa in a bowl and scoop the mixture into a big plastic bag. Cut away one teeny corner like a pastry bag.

Squeeze the cream cheese/salsa mixture into each jalapeno half, filling from end to end until all the pepper boats are filled.

Wrap the filled boats in bacon. Hold one end on the bottom of the pepper and then wrap it over the top and all the way around, hopefully ending at the bottom again. The bacon is stretchy, so the goal is to have the ends neatly tucked underneath. That way they don’t curl up and come off the jalapeno during baking.

Place wrapped jalapenos in a baking pan. I place mine on a rack, so the pan can catch the bacon grease.

Bake for 35 minutes. The smell is amazing.

Enjoy! They disappear quickly!

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