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September 18, 2019 was a day Scott Pasmore will always remember because it was his 30th anniversary at Arizona's Family. He's one of a few across the country to stay at one station for that long and

says the reason is simple, it truly is Arizona's family.

Scott grew up in Kansas but absolutely loves Arizona. He spent the first 5 years at 3TV reporting on the streets then moved to the anchor chair a few months after Good Morning Arizona was launched. He has sat

on the desk ever since.

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Scott has covered many important stories over the years including winning an Emmy for his coverage of the Los Angeles riots. He covered the OJ Simpson trial, the Oklahoma City Bombing and has traveled the country covering politics and breaking news stories.

One of his favorite stories was spending the night on the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier in the Atlantic and reporting on Arizona sailors working onboard the carrier. Scott also had the pleasure of flying in an F-16 out of Luke Air Force base as well as with the Blue Angels in an F/A 18 Hornet.

He also tends to be a daredevil and is known for doing crazy things on live TV. He proved that by riding a bull on Good Morning Arizona. Unfortunately, he tore his bicep during the ride and had to undergo surgery to repair it!

In his spare time, Scott also builds and remodels homes, enjoys flying his airplane and most of all spending time with his fiance Lauri and their dog Rhett.

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