Paul Horton

CBS 5 Chief Meteorologist Paul Horton loves Arizona. He worked as the morning meteorologist and host of the CBS 5 morning show for eight years. He has done thousands of live shots in our state and is considered by many as the concierge of the Valley.

Paul realized he had an interest in weather in 1989, when he and his family were huddled in the bathroom of their small St. Thomas home enduring the wrath of Hurricane Hugo.

After that experience, he realized how important a meteorologist's job can be.

He is a graduate of the communication/broadcasting program at George Fox University and received his meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

Paul is a seven time Emmy award winner, including the Governor’s Award for his work on his annual car wash.

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Being involved in the community is very important to Paul. The car wash is a huge event for CBS 5's "Pay it Forward." It happens every October and benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona. Last year alone, it raised more than $329,000. Please join him again this year at Desert Ridge Market Place.

Paul is originally from Portland, OR and was a weather anchor in Spokane and Cincinnati before moving to Phoenix.

On the weekends, you can find Paul hosting events, hiking, at the pool or exploring the great state of Arizona with his wife, Jennifer, their two children.

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