Max Gorden

No matter the subject, Max Gorden seeks to tell compelling, impactful stories that spark debate and inspire thought. 

After graduating with honors from NYU's journalism program, Max began his career anchoring and reporting at ABC-affiliated WAOW in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Max then moved south to work as a bureau reporter for Spectrum News in Hays County, Texas. As a bureau reporter, he covered ongoing local issues and also reported on large national stories. Max led Spectrum News' national network coverage of Orlando's Pulse Nightclub massacre, reported from Dallas after a sniper killed five law enforcement officers, and filed from the floodwaters after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

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Max later joined Austin’s capitol press corps, reporting for the nightly, Texas-focused political show Capital Tonight. 

Max now lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona, reporting for 3TV and CBS 5 as a general assignment reporter.

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