Mobile Phone Apps

Apps managed by AZ Family that you can download on your smart phone and take with you anywhere.

Get breaking news from across Arizona and around the world. Stay on top of the latest local news headlines, weather updates, sports scores and so much more from 3TV, CBS 5 and

Get the latest traffic reports for the Phoenix Metro area. This app provides real-time speed maps, crash incident reports and ADOT traffic cameras for all major Metro routes.

*All 3TV & CBS 5 newscasts are streamed on our apps

Smart TV Apps

Video-on-demand apps available on Smart TV devices. We currently do not support Samsung, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or Chrome Stick.

The AZFamily News Roku app features on demand video from 3TV & CBS 5 News, including Top Stories, 3 On Your Side, Dirty Dining and Good Morning Arizona.

*COMING MID-DECEMBER: All 3TV and CBS 5 newscasts will be streamed on our Roku app
COMING IN 2019: AZFamily on Amazon Fire Stick App

Streaming Services

Apps that stream either all or almost all of our programming, including our newscasts. 3TV is currently available only on YouTube TV.

Both CBS 5 and 3TV are available on the YouTube TV streaming service. This is the only service in which you can get 3TV. Packages start at $40/month and include 3 simultaneous streams and DVR functionality with no storage limits.

KPHO CBS 5 is available on CBS All Access.  Watch all of your favorite CBS shows that are on today and stream more than 10,000 episodes that are available on demand. Plans start at $5.99/month.

KPHO CBS 5 is available on this streaming service. Plans start at $39.99/month. Base memberships include a max of 2 simultaneous streams and 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage. 

Playstation's Vue TV service is similar to other streaming packages.  Plans start at $44.99/month. KPHO CBS 5 is available on this streaming service. Five devices can stream simultaneously with this service. Shows can be recorded on DVR and saved for up to 28 days.

KPHO CBS 5 is available on Direct TV's streaming service bundle. Basic packages start at $40/month. Two simultaneous streams and 20 hours of DVR storage are included in the basic package.

KPHO CBS 5 is available on this streaming service. Plans start at $44.99/month. The basic package includes the simultaneous streaming of two devices and 30 hours of DVR storage.

*CBS 5's newscasts are streamed live on all of these services. 3TV's newscasts are streamed live on YouTube TV.

Syndicated Services

We syndicate our content to select providers that are available on mobile and smart TV apps.

If you love YouTube, then the AZFamily channel on YouTube is the place for you. Subscribe to our channel and get caught up with news of the day plus those cool feature stories that highlight the best of Arizona.

NewsON is a local news service that enables users to see local news broadcasts and video clips from TV stations across the United States in one app.