Game night with big, boisterous games the whole gang gets in on! Is there a better way to fill your life with laughter than a game night with family and friends? No. The answer is no. There is not. Don’t worry- your Guru of Geekery has got recommentations! There is no game more fun to play with a big group than Telestrations! A combination of Pictionary and Telephone, players of all ages will laugh themselves silly as you play with up to 12 people. You’ve Got Crabs, by the makers of Exploding Kittens, is fast paced, easy to learn, up to 10 people can play and the laugh-per-minute ratio is through the roof!

Get out to a Comedy Show! That’s right, your Guru of Geekery is actually recommending you put on pants and leave your house! Don’t worry, National Comedy Theatre, or NCT for short is THE place to go for all out laughs everyone can enjoy! NCT’s unique brand of improv comedy is spontaneous and interactive, no two shows are ever the same. 7:30 shows are All Ages and open to All Audiences so bring your boss, your gramma, your bosses gramma or your grammas boss- you wont have to worry about an awkard car trip home! If you like your comedy slightly spicier, NCT Improv Comedy Club has Slightly Uncensored Improv at 9:45pm EVERY Friday and Saturday night! NCT is nestled into the heart of Downtown Mesa, right next door to award winning eateries, brew cos and shopping. AND, bonus… you can hi five your Guru of Geekery when you get there!

Tickets and info:

Take an Improv Class! If you want laughter to be literally infused into all things in your life, look no further than an improv comedy class. You will laugh your butt off as you learn the skills of quick thinking and postiive agreement. You will giggle your guts out as your build confidence, make friends and hone your listening skills. You will chortle away the calories while you sharpen your wits and your communication skills. Even if you dont want to be a performer, heck, ESPECIALLY if you dont want to be a performer, the skills you will take away from improv comedy class will be present with you as a protective bubble, a new way to look at life and laugh that will stick with you forever. Don’t worry, your Guru of Geekery doesnt only recommend improv classes because she teaches them, by the way… come see Krissy at NCT- she teaches improv comedy… but literally because there is no better way to have fun while becoming even more amazing version of yourself.

NCT offers improv comedy class for adults in 6 week, 4 week and monthly drop in sessions, weekly comedy classes for Teens and improv comedy camps for kids ages 7- 12. Check it out:

Listen, laugh and learn to love your commute with funny and helpful podcasts. The drag of your drive can become the best part of your day once you learn that there are thousands of free podcasts just waiting for you. Don’t worry, you will actually start looking forward to traffic slow downs once you download podcasts such as The Most Excellent 80s Movies Podcast, where a filmmaker and a comedian (Your Guru of Geekery, Krissy Lenz) review 80s movies and see how they hold up. Take a deep dive into one of the funniest shows on TV with The Good Place the Podcast. Learn how to live better and laugh more with the podcast Happier with Gretchen Reubin. And, one of my favorites, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.

Social Media smiles back at you. We know that social media can stir up the fomo, but don’t worry- when you follow Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness you will get nothing but smiles, laughs, positivity and encouragement. @jvn posts instagram stories of dancing while making coffee, tumbling, skating and cats that are guaranteed to rate at least a giggle! AND, check out his podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness for even more love and laughter.


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