When it comes to organizing there are three things to consider before getting started.

1. Assess the space.

2. Select materials

3. Execute the plan.

Once you've got a plan in place it's time to stock up on some items that will help keep order around the house. Here are the top three must-have supplies every organized person has on hand.

1. Clear Containers - Using clear acrylic or glass containers and canisters to store pantry, personal essentials, craft supples, tools, and toys because they offer a stylish and functional solution. My favorite is the OXO Good Grip Canister.

2. Baskets - Storage baskets in woven hyacinth or plastic create a stylish and functional solution to organize multiple items. The basket creates a mini zone to hold a variety of items making it easy to store and contain. Declutter your home by storing snacks, toys, personal items, office supplies, and home essentials in a chic basket or box. My favorite is the hyacinth basket from The Container Store.

3. Label maker - I label everything! I love to use my label maker, chalkboard labels for containers and baskets. I recently started to use a natural paper tags with a white sharpie pen and love the fresh look. My favorite is my Brother P- Touch.

Leslie Lehr is a professional organizer, blogger, and lifestyle influencer. She provides organized lifestyle solutions for the areas used most by providing style and function. As professional Organizer, she has learned how an organized home is beneficial for your mental and physical health.




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