Scottsdale/Phoenix enjoys a vibrant food and wine culture. But also due to its great weather year-round, is home to top aerobatic pilots and two of the busiest general aviation airports in the United States. Scottsdale/Phoenix’s energetic outdoor spirit is the perfect location to push the limits and celebrate the victory with diverse fine foods and – of course – Prosecco. 

Valdo Spumanti and Scottsdale’s EC Aerosports are teaming up to introduce high-quality Prosecco to wine and food lovers around the USA. Phoenix/Scottsdale is a rapidly growing fine dining region, known for knowledgeable and enthusiastic wine drinkers. It’s also home to more than 150,000 Italians. When you bring together fine dining, wine lovers and a robust Italian culture, it is the perfect place to introduce the next level of quality Prosecco while connecting it to the area’s robust aviation community. Victory, as does hard work, deserves reward and celebration. And there is no better brand to celebrate with. Valdo is a peak-performance company. They are not only love performance aviation, but employ the same vision, creativity and discipline as we do in the sky to consistently push the limits of innovation and quality with their Prosecco. From speed records at Bonneville to Steve McQueen blazing the open desert, Triumph remains ultra-face-paced and always iconic. Like Valdo they have a rich history with an eye on performance and the future.

The new partnership combines the efforts of aerobatic pilot and Triumph Motorcycles professional Elias Corey, founder of EC Aerosports and his wife, Certified Sommelier Tamara Corey (who hails from the idyllic prosecco region of Northern Italy) with Matteo Bolla. His family has been making wine since the late 1800s. They have been making Prosecco since 1926 under the Valdo Spumanti name. Bolla’s company sells over 17M bottles of Prosecco a year and is known for innovative wine making rooted in a tradition of quality.

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