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It’s a New Year so you know what that means—grab your calendar and start planning trips of a lifetime! Janet Semenova, Co-Founder of Boutique Travel Advisors, says this year it’s all about packing up the ENTIRE family and hitting the open road! Her agency is seeing more multi-generational families making a point to travel together. The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana is one destination that families can find plenty of activities to keep them busy. And at this resort, Janet says it’s Glamping at its finest! From horseback riding to archery, wagon rides to spa treatments, this resort seems to have it all! And did I mention the gorgeous rooms, I mean tents? Head to their website and you’ll be booking your trip within seconds!

If Glamping isn’t your cup of tea, then how about boarding a ship and having tea served to you? Boutique Travel Advisors say cruises are always popular and never go out of style, but a trend they’re seeing this is year is people choosing to go on Expeditions to places previously considered too remote, isolated or inaccessible. Since travelers are seeking new, unexplored territories, ships have been adapting to the need, designing extremely advanced, safe and luxurious ships that provide both comfort and education for everyone on board. Now you can travel to Antarctica, see large icebergs and get up close and personal with the penguins.

From the open ocean to a calm float down a river, another trend this year are River Cruises. Janet says the number of cruise lines offering this serene trip has increased over the years and companies like AMA Waterways, Uniworld, and Viking all offer incredible experiences. Viking right now offers several options for river cruises through various parts of Europe, Russia, Asia, and Egypt and they also offer last minute deals on their website. Going along with the trend for multi-generational travel, Uniworld overs special “Generations” cruises for families which include special programs, events and excursions designed specifically for children.

Another trend that you will love to open this year, is the Gift of Travel! Boutique Travel Advisors have helped many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who are choosing to give experiences to places like the New York City Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and even a trip to Iceland in lieu of traditional gifts.

So no matter how you choose to spend your time, whether it’s with loved ones or heading out solo, this year’s the time to unplug, disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other! Be safe, have a wonderful trip, and we’ll see you out on the open road!

Janet Bio:

Janet was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and spent the first eight years of her life living in the former Soviet Union. She inherited her passion for travel from her mother and is dedicated to showing the world to her children. She has spent extensive time in Israel, Europe and Central America and speaks fluent Russian and some Hebrew. One of her niches is planning complex multi-generational itineraries. Some of her favorite destinations include Iceland, Hawaii, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand.

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The Resort at Paws Up

Viking River Cruises

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