Tahiti cruise

With hectic lives and busy schedules everyone needs to take a tropical vacation. But how do you get started? Travelers should first decide what time of the year they will be traveling as many tropical areas are prone to hurricanes and tropical storms during the summer months whereas travel over school holidays becomes very expensive. Thinking outside the box can be helpful and a great way to save on the costs. There are many beautiful places that are off the beaten path. Staying in smaller towns outside of the major tourist centers can save you money and create a more authentic experience. Consider traveling with a group as many hotels and resorts offer group travel rates and special amenities for those traveling together.

While some tropical vacations may be expensive there are so many beautiful places that are actually quite affordable and even places traditionally considered expensive can be more affordable during shoulder season or low season. All-inclusive resorts can provide excellent value and be a great way to control spending. In Arizona people traditionally think of Mexico when looking for AI’s but places in the Caribbean such as Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana DR can be great as well.

For those looking to go on an exotic tropical vacation Paul Gaugin cruises are a wonderful option. This award-winning company specializes in small, luxury itineraries on a ship built specifically to sail in the waters of French Polynesia and the South Pacific. Cruises are a wonderful way to visit multiple destinations on a single itinerary without having to change hotels and go through the hassles of packing and unpacking.

Adventurous travelers should plan a trip to Costa Rica, which easily combines exploring dense jungles, remote beaches, volcanoes and viewing amazing wildlife. The Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River is the ultimate destination for travelers seeking adventure. Located 1 hour from Liberia airport this is an unspoiled, hidden gem.

If budget and timeline are all flexible then consider a trip to Australia, which has some of the most incredible scenery, wildlife and accommodations in the world. The Southern Ocean Lodge is located on Kangaroo Island in South Australia with endless views of the Southern Ocean and Kangaroo Island Wilderness. Thought of as Australia’s Galapagos visitors can spot New Zealand fur seals, koalas, kangaroos, Australian sea lions, ospreys, echidnas and much, much more.

No matter your budget or travel goals, tropical destinations are a wonderful way to unplug, relax and explore the world.

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