Throwing the ultimate kickback (or as I like to call it... kiki) soon? Then you need the fundamental items to make the night fun and memorable. Whenever people ask me what is most important at a kiki, my first answer is always music. It’s very important to have a playlist that appeals to the masses, and you want everyone to like the music you’re playing. When in doubt, Spotify has tons of playlists fit for kickbacks or parties, so you don’t even need to put in a ton of time. Once you have the playlist down, make sure you have a quality speaker or something to play the music on. There are tons of speakers at various prices on the market, but I’d recommend a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s easy to travel with.

This may go without saying, but you need to have something for your guests to munch on at your kiki. An easy and cheap option is always chips, since there are tons of options out there for every kind of chip-lover. The perfect snack depends on who the guests are, but when in doubt, just grab a bag of chips.

Now every kickback has to have good drinks, and I always push for the more, the merrier. Have a variety of drinks, since not everybody likes the same thing. Whether you have sodas, ciders, non-carbonated drinks, or anything in between, there are a ton of drink options out there. However, please make sure you have plenty of water. Snacking on chips and drinking sugary-drinks won’t quench your thirst, so grab some water to keep your guests hydrated.

Every good kickback has some activities or forms of entertainment, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so. First off, everyone needs cups for their drinks, and you might as well use them for a game as well. The classic red plastic cups are staples at kickbacks, and you can easily use a few of them to play a myriad of games from water pong to recreating the “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect. Don’t forget easy games such as cards or even some video games.

The part I personally dislike the most about a good kickback is the cleanup afterward. However, to make life easy and to quickly clean up a spill or simple mess is a Clorox wipe. Many of my college friends don’t have these handy, so I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used tissues, toilet paper, or paper towels to clean a mess that required a Clorox wipe. Do yourself a favor and just grab these in the cleanup aisle.

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