Harvest + Thyme is a farm-to-board charcuterie company based in Arizona. We hand deliver custom charcuterie boards for intimate and large events. Harvest + Thyme values community, which is why we aim to source our ingredients locally to support Arizona agriculture and small businesses. Our founder, Tessa Kahoun, originally got her start in the wedding industry. Her knowledge of events, love for people (and food) and entrepreneurial spirit, is what makes Harvest + Thyme so special.

Making a board can be fun and easy! Here are some steps that Tessa follows when making a board:

1. Place your large cheeses on the board first. This will determine where the rest of your items will go.

2. Incorporate your containers. Using ramekins, find space for your jams, spreads, honey and/or pickled goods.

3. Add your grapes! Grapes take up a large portion of your board, so you want to make sure you allocate enough space for them in the beginning.

4. Add your crackers. Find a secure space where your crackers won’t wiggle or slip off your board.

5. Place your meats! Tip: When using salami, Tessa likes to fold it, making it easier for guests to grab.

6. Add the rest of your fruit! Tip: keep color in mind when adding your fruit. This is where color comes into play. Make sure your pops of color are very distributed throughout your board.

7. Add your fillets! At this point, the majority of your board should be constructed, so you will use the rest of your items to fill in the empty gaps. These items could be: chopped cheeses, dried fruit and/or nuts.

8. Add your garnish! Tessa likes to fresh herbs for her boards. Rosemary is a great option, as it’s leafy and malleable.

Here are a list of ingredients Tessa used for our segment:


• Comeback Cow from Dorothy’s Creamery

• Humboldt Fog from Cypress Grover’s

• Smoked Gouda from Murray’s


• Honey from Bee Seasonal

• Cerignola Olives


• Rosemary and Olive Oil Crackers from Rustic Bakery

Meat (Sourced from Arcadia Meat Market)

• Calabrese

• Kielbasa

• Prosciutto


• Red Grapes

• Figs

• Blueberries

• Blackberries


• Unexpected Cheddar from Trader Joe’s

• Dried Apricots

• Cinnamon Sugar Pecans


• Fresh Rosemary

To book a Harvest + Thyme board, visit www.htcharcuterie.com!

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