Window treatments are used for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s for privacy or to block out heat. Other times it’s merely to create interest in a room. There are many options available from solar shades that are sleek and modern to draperies that puddle on the floor. They truly are the ultimate accessory in a room. They are the finishing touches that can tie everything in the space together and are an additional layer of architecture that completes the space and frames the views.

Since there are so many options, narrowing down your choices can be tough. The way you design them can dramatically change the message your room is sending, so it’s important to really look at the space and ask yourself what that message is. Children’s' rooms are where you can go wild and use large fun patterns, while still keeping it contained within the color scheme of the room. In large living spaces, window treatments can instantly warm the room and provide the last layer of refined detail. They should complement the style, colors, and tones of the room and add a bit of charm and handmade detail to a space.

There are so many beautiful textiles to choose from today for draperies or fabric shades, like neutral linens with trim, florals and toile. It’s an opportunity to bring a custom element into your space. And whether you find a workroom to make them, do it yourself, or buy premade, your creative visions can become reality.

Just remember, when selecting your window treatments surround yourself with a pattern that you love. Much like a piece of art, area rugs, or pillows, when you consider your patterns and design of your window treatments, you should really love the fabric and make a statement.

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