Layla Bean Father's Day desserts

If you know a dad with a sweet tooth, then we’ve got some fun ideas for easy DIY Father’s Day desserts for you. All of these desserts can be made at home with simple ingredients and supplies, no fancy equipment or skill level is needed. Be sure to make some extra for yourself!

“Best Dad By Par” golf donuts –

Give dad the breakfast of champions before he hits the golf course this Father’s Day. You can purchase the donuts or make them at home, but you only need a few other supplies to easily decorate them at home. 1 cup of green icing and some green sprinkles quickly transform the donuts into a putting green. You can add a flag by using a toothpick and red construction paper. A white Sixlet added for the golf ball is the finishing touch. TIP: If you’d like a healthier option, you can even tint shredded coconut to look like the grass, in place of the sprinkles.

 “You’re O-FISH-ally the Sweetest Dad” bobber cake pops and fishing cupcakes –

Make dad a tasty treat that he can enjoy while relaxing on the lake. To make the cake pops, mix 2 tablespoons of icing to 2 cups of your favorite flavor of cake crumbs until the mixture is sticky and blended. You can roll out 1 ½” cake balls by hand or use an ice cream scoop. Using a lollipop stick, dip the cake pops in white melting wafers or white chocolate. Once the candy coating has chilled to a hard shell, you’ll dip them again into melted red candy wafers. But this time only half of the pop gets candy coated. Top the bobber with a half of a mini marshmallow. TIP: It helps to have a piece of Styrofoam handy to hold the cake pops in place while they dry.

To make the fish cupcakes, you can use any batter of cake that you like, store bought or homemade, in blue cupcake liners. Tint some icing blue to look like water, then ice your cupcakes how you’d like. To make the fishing rods, you can use several different things that you may have around the house: wooden skewers, paper straws, pretzel sticks, lollipop sticks, etc. The same goes for the fishing line. You can use dental floss, thread, floral wire, actual fishing line, twine, etc. Once you’ve attached your line to your rod, you can attach your fish to the other end. You can use Swedish Fish or even Goldfish crackers. TIP: Make sure that you remove the non-edible ingredients before dad takes a bite!

“Daddio of the Patio” grill cupcakes –

If you’re having a family BBQ for your special grill master, then these cute cupcakes will make a perfect dessert. Using red cupcake liners, use your favorite cake batter and bake according to the instructions. To make the icing, you’ll need to tint 3 colors to mimic the fire of a hot grill: red, orange, and yellow Swirl them together in a piping bag with your favorite icing tip. If you don’t have a piping bag, you can easily use a freezer bag with the corner snipped off half an inch. Once you’ve iced the cupcakes, you’ll need to make your grill rack. To make the grill rack, take melted black candy wafers in a piping bag with a small holed dot tip. If you don’t have the piping bag or the dot tip, you can use a smaller sized freezer bag with the corner snipped off just a tiny bit to the size of a pen tip. The hole should be small! You can free hand the grate of the grill on parchment paper then set in the fridge to cool. Once cooled you can remove them and place atop of the iced cupcakes. What you choose to top your grill with is up to you! You can make candy kebabs out of cut up spice drops and tooth picks. You can add hamburgers by using mushed chocolate covered raisins. If you like sausages, you can add some red hots. Chicken or pork? Use soft caramel candies and mold them to the shape that you like. TIP: Chocolate cake looks best because it looks like the dark charcoals under your brightly colored fire icing.

“Well Done Dad” steak cakes –

For the beefcake dad in your life, treat him to a perfectly cooked T-bone steak… CAKE! There are two ways you can make this. One, “Great dads like you are really RARE” with red velvet cake to show the redness inside. And two, “Well Done Dad!” with brownies or chocolate cake. You can print the custom Father’s Day meat temperature markers for free on Pinterest. Whether you’re making the red velvet or the brownies, you’ll make these the same way. Prepare your batter as necessary and bake in a sheet cake pan according to the directions. Once cooled you can cut out the shape of the steak from the cake with the knife. Don’t worry too much about the shape, all steaks look different! You can make several small ones, or one big one, depending how big you cut the steaks. Take a tub of store bought chocolate frosting and melt in a saucepan on the stove over low heat. Once melted and smooth, you can pour the icing over the cake. Be sure to fully coat your steak! Be sure to put on a cookie drying rack over a cookie sheet, to keep from making a mess of the counter! The icing will dry relatively quick, within an hour or so. Then, you can take a wooden skewer or a knife to make the indents to the chocolate icing to look like the grill lines. Hold the skewer at an angle over the cake before you press against the icing, giving diagonal grill marks. Let dry another 20 minutes or so. To darken the grill marks, you can paint on black gel food coloring. Finishing touch is to add the bone. Add some peanut butter to a piping bag or snipped freezer bag, and pipe onto the steak in the shape of a T to mimic the T-bone. You can darken this with painted food coloring too if you’d like. You can use course ground sugar and fine Oreo cookie crumbs for salt and pepper, if you’re feeling fancy! TIP: If you have a peanut allergy or dad doesn’t like peanut butter, you can substitute light brown tinted vanilla icing.

While all these desserts are cute AND delicious, the most important part is that they’re baked with love and show dad that you care. If you don’t happen to be the DIY type but would still like to gift these fun treats for Father’s Day, you can reach out to Layla Bean Cakery for an order.

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