Rachel Elise Trimble of Restyle Junkie is showing us what to do with our collection of used wine corks. Whether they are from special occasions or just a stash of happy hour bottles, there are many ways to craft and decorate with your wine corks. Gone are the days when the corks pile up in a junk drawer! Rachel is sharing three different do it yourself projects with formerly working wine corks. 

The trivet of red wine corks in the state of Arizona is much easier than it looks. There are many state outlines available on-line to print out.  Once you print out a paper with the state you can begin to start arranging the corks to fit.  When you see that you need to make some cuts, carefully use a serrated knife to cut the corks into the right size.  Next, heat up a small glue gun and begin to see our state take shape.  To finish it off you can paint on a small design near your hometown.  Acrylic paint or even nail polish are perfect for this detail.

The succulent magnets are stylish and practical.  It’s easiest if you use a drill on the top of the cork to make a hole halfway down and then use a small, but sharp knife to dig out more of the cork.  A strong magnet can be adhered to the side of the cork with a glue gun. Now, you can either push the stem of an artificial succulent in the hole or fill with dirt and use real succulent clippings.  You’ll only need to water a few drops once a week!

Lastly, with one slice of a cork, you can have a chip clip that works easily.  Use a serrated knife to cut halfway down and then pry open a bit and slip over your open chip bag.  So easy to do and if you want to kick it up a notch, just add an embellishment like wrapping a crystal wire around it to keep things fun.

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