It’s always a good idea to clean out your closet so you can make some room for something new. So, here are some great DIY ideas to repurpose those clothes into home décor!

And it all starts with your Brother PS500 Sewing Machine from the Pacesetter lineup. Be sure to stop by your Authorized Brother Dealer, who’ll help get you started.

When it comes to sewing, just have an open mind and give it a try. Most of the time, it’s a few straight stitches put together to take something old and turning it into something new!

Let’s start with those jeans that you’re saving because you “think” they are going to fit? Well, time to cut them up and make denim placemats. Weave them together and top stitch on the outside. When you wash them, they get frayed and fringed, which makes them look worn and “cool.” Use them for a picnic or pair them with fancy dishware and you’re so on trend! How easy is it? Just straight stitches!

Don’t waste the top of those jeans. You can use them to make a wine bottle sleeve! Simply cut the top in half and sew two straight stitches along the bottom and side. You can also embroider words or use your ScanNCut DX SDX230D to add a heat transfer vinyl image on the outside to personalize this item. Next, put your bottle of wine in the sleeve, tie it with ribbon, and add a wine opener. You can even add a card in the back pocket and give it as a gift!

Does dear old Dad – or even Grandpa – have a lot of neckties lying around? Well, today they’re used more for home décor then for gravy collection, so use the ties to make an iPhone or eyeglass holder. Using the large pointed end of the ties, cut out the inside batting and sew the bottoms up to create a pouch. You can add hook and loop fastener for a closure.

You can give your room some personality and comfort by turning your old college sweatshirts into throw pillows. Making a pillow is easy; it’s three stitches with a simple zipper insert. If you don’t want to insert a zipper, you could use the zipper already sewn into a hoody! How clever is that?

Finally, if you have lots of old T-shirts taking up room in that closet, you can give them a new life in the kitchen. Cut up two or three shirts so the logo is all that is left. Then lay them on top of each other and sew together. Add cording to the neck and waist, and you have a cool apron!

There you have them – fun and creative ways to upcraft your old clothes into home décor. Visit to find your Authorized Brother Dealer and check them out for a test drive today. Remember that sewing is fun, a great stress reliever, and easy when you have the right tools for the job!

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