Chef Kelly Foy from Merkin Veneyards Gelato Wagon shares an easy recipe for yummy strawberries gelato.


• 4 cups half & half

• 2 cups Milk

• 2 cups cane sugar

• 2 cups Strawberries (light puree)


In a saucepan, warm dairy and sugar on medium to high heat, whisking continuously until the sugar is dissolved completely creating your gelato base.

Cool down the gelato base in an ice bath.

Pour the milk mixture into a large mixing bowl.

Fill another larger bowl with ice and water.

Place the bowl with the milk mixture over the water and ice, gently stir to help the mixture cool down.

Add strawberry puree (with seeds and some texture of the strawberries).

Pour all contents into your ice cream maker and churn (follow your manufacturer’s instructions).

Transfer gelato into a freezer safe sealed container and freeze overnight.

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