Executive Chef Frank Desplechin from L'Auberge de Sedona shares a recipe for a slow roasted lamb loin for a lovely dinner plate.


for fennel-lemon condiment

● 395 grams fennel (Trimmed, Sliced very thinly)

● 500 grams onion (peeled, sliced very thin)

● 225 grams green apple (peeled, cored, sliced thin)

● 85 grams lemon peel (pith removed)

● 60 grams olive oil

● 96 grams salt

● 100 grams sugar

● 395 grams fresh lemon juice

● 4 each gelatin sheet

for braised lamb belly

● 4500 grams Lamb Belly

● 110 grams garlic (peeled, sliced)

● 150 grams shallot (peeled, sliced)

● 1000 grams onion (peeled, sliced)

● 125 grams scallions (cut in batons)

● 825 grams green apple (dice)

● 300 grams lemongrass (bruised, sliced thin)

● 12 grams star anise

● 825 grams apple juice

● 600 grams white wine vinegar

● 250 grams honey

● 400 grams soy sauce

● To taste water to cover

for celery root puree

● 680 grams Celery Root (sliced 1⁄4” thick, skinless)

● 2750 grams water

● 85 grams sugar

● 55 grams salt

● 250 grams brown butter (cold)

for celery root gratin

● 500 grams heavy cream

● 25 grams corn starch

● 1600 grams celery root (peeled)

● 1000 grams potato (peeled)

● 25 grams shallot (minced)

● 400 grams swiss cheese (grated)

● 12 grams salt

● 6 grams black pepper (ground)


for fennel-lemon condiment

Coat the bottom of a rondeau with the oil and bring to almost smoking.

Add all ingredients except the sugar and lemon juice and cook on medium high heat until totally soft.

Then add sugar and lemon juice, bring to boil and simmer 45 seconds, then remove from heat.

Put in blender puree until completely smooth.

Hydrate 4 sheets gelatin and squeeze out excess water. Add to puree and stir to dissolve, then puree again on high for 2 minutes.

Cool and reserve.

for braised lamb belly

Sear unseasoned Lamb Belly in neutral oil until deep golden brown on ALL sides.

Drain and place in deep hotel pans.

In a rondeau, caramelize onion, shallot and garlic in neutral oil until deep caramelized.

Distribute evenly in to hotel pans.

Combine all remaining but water and distribute between hotel pans.

Cover with water, using only what is needed to liberally cover Lamb Belly.

Cover with aluminum and cook at 325°F until completely tender, 3-4 hours.

Allow to cool in liquid.

REMOVE Lamb Belly and strain braising liquid, 1st through a china cap, then through a chinois.

Reduce by 1/2, strain again and reserve.

for celery root puree

Combine all except butter and bring to a simmer. Simmer covered until Celery are tender. Drain very well.

Puree in vita prep until completely smooth.

Then add brown butter cold for emulsion and reserve in refrigerator.

for celery root gratin

Mix heavy cream with corn starch.

Slice potatoes and celery root separately with 1/8 thick.

Build each layer with potatoes and celery root, then with a brush add the heavy cream and corn starch throughout the whole layer.

Add the shallots and swiss cheese to just barely cover the vegetables and season.

Start over the process until gratin is thick enough.

Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 1hr. Press it when out of the oven and reserve.

Once cool, cut in square for service.

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