Owner and Chef Phil "The Grill" Johnson from the Trapp Haus' BBQ shares an easy recipe for rib tips.


• Olive oil (using before rubbing ribs with seasoning)

• “Rub Me All Over” seasoning or your favorite rub to coat

• Rib tips

• 3 tablespoons of brown sugar


2 hours in the smoker: Get smoker set up with wood of choice and heat to 225 degrees.

Set rib tips in smoker and maintain 275 degrees while rib tips smoke for 3 hours.

Cook for 1 1/2 hours then wrap smoked rib tips in aluminum foil and add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar to the wrap.

Set foil packet on a baking sheet and roast rib tips for 2 hours.

Before removing rib tips from smoker heat grill to 300 degrees, keeping heat all to one side. Remove rib tips from oven and remove the foil wrap.

Place rib tips on grill on the opposite side of the heat. Close lid and check temperature every 15 min. or so, basting or saucing if desired each time you check.

Rib tips are done when internal temperature reaches 195 degrees, which takes about an hour.

Let rest for 15 to 20 min. before slicing. Serve and enjoy!

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