Fat Ox-style Arista and Grilled Escarole, Cauliflower, Burrata


Courtesy of: Chef Matt Carter, Fat Ox

Fat Ox-style AristaTuscan Fennel Braised Pork Shoulder (or pork country ribs)

For the pork8-10 oz Pork Shoulder (preferably coppa or pork neck)Fennel seed (toasted ground)Coriander (toasted ground)Calabrian chiliBay leafRosemary2-3 cloves Garlic minced2-3 tbl. evoSaltBlack pepperToss pork shoulder with spice, oil and season. Sear on grill or hot pan, until golden brown. Place in a vacuum bag with bay leaf and rosemary. Cook at 82 c. pr 180 f. for 12 hours. Drop in ice bath and cool. Slice into desired thickness. Note could also braise at same temp

Vegetable GarnishCharred Baby FennelCharred cippolini onionsEvoWhite wineRosemaryGarlicHoneyPork StockCut baby fennel in half. Season with oil salt and pepper. Grill or saute and reserve. Cut the Cippolini onions in half. In a ripping hot pan add oil. Sear onions, garlic and rosemary until caramelized, add white wine, reduce. Add honey, and pork stock. Finish with lemon juice or white balsamic vinegar if needed.

Herb and olive saladCelery leavesFennel topsCastelvetrano Olives, quarteredOrange zestCalabrian chile powderGarlic pureeEvo

Pork FinishSliced pork shoulder1 tbl. Fennel PollenEvoGarlic RosemarySeason Pork with salt, pepper and fennel pollern. In medium pan at med-high heat add evo, garlic and rosemary. Add Pork and lightly brown.

Grilled Escarole, Cauliflower, Burrata

For the escarole 1 head escarole1 clove garlic mincedEvoCut in half, brush with oil and garlic, grill or sear in hot pan

¼ head of cauliflowerShave thin with knife or mandolin, reserve smaller pieces for burrata

Dressing1 tsp White balsamic vinegar1 tsp. Lemon juice


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