Owner and Chef Eugenia Theodosopoulos of Essence Bakery Cafe shares a great recipe for a wonderful cheese platter.


• 1-wheel French brie

• 12-ounce Blue type cheese such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Danish Blue

• 12-ounce fresh goat cheese (in log or round form)

• 1 pound of hard cheddar, swiss or other similar type cheese

for garnishes

• 1 cup crushed pistachios – roll around fresh goat cheese to coat

• 1 cup plumped cranberries – serve under pistachio crusted goat cheese

• 2 pounds of washed fresh grapes

• 1 pound of washed fresh strawberries

• 2 cups apricots

• 2 cups figs or dates

• 2 cups toasted hazelnuts or pecans

• 2 cups whole almonds

• 2 cups green or black olives

• 2 cups roasted garlic cloves or special mustard if prefer

• 2 baguettes

• 2-3 packages wheat crackers

• Another type of fresh bread sliced thin


Arrange cheeses on large cutting board or serving platter.

Place fresh grape clusters around cheeses, then strawberries.

Place olives and garlic in bowls with spoons.

Sprinkle dried fruits and nuts in clusters around cheeses.

Serve crackers and sliced breads in different baskets or bowls.

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