This holiday season we are talking with Mary Zarob owner of Q. Contrary. She is sharing style and fashion tips (for gentleman) on what to wear to your next holiday party.

This holiday I encourage men to dress up and have some fun with what they wear. Be bold and add something new to your wardrobe. When we think of the holidays, the main color red and green pop into mind. You can add red accents in your outfit. Such as a red jacket, pair of slacks, shirt or accessories. I’d be hesitant to go full head to toe in red but if that’s your thing, go for it. Our first model is wearing a great red velvet blazer. Velvet is the perfect fabric for the holidays. It’s dressy, soft and shines. I love Michael’s red blazer and he pairs it perfectly with a white shirt and mid wash jeans. I like that he is wearing Chuck Taylor All-Stars. You may attend a party you may not want to be super dressy for. Wearing a blazer dresses up your look and pair with jeans and casual shoes isn’t over the top. He still looks pulled together and ready for a party even with his casual shoes. Don’t be afraid to over dress. It’s better than under dressing. Plus, the red jacket – it’s eye catching, fun and screams Happy Holidays!!! I think he looks fantastic!!

Our next model is wearing a vest with a button-down shirt and jeans. I want to encourage men to maximize their wardrobe when planning outfits. This vest came from a 3 piece suit the model owns and he easily paired it with a navy-blue button down, dark jeans and dress shoes. When getting ready, there may be suit pants you can pair with a dress shirt or take a suit jacket and pair with jeans. Don’t feel like you can’t mix and match. Everything he is wearing is tailored nicely and to him. Also, the shoes he is sporting are fantastic. Python shoes with his matching belt. Accessories are a great way to elevate your look and show your style. Adding the vest really dresses up the look and you won’t be so warm (or hot). Love his look!!!

Our last model is wearing my favorite look. The turtleneck. Men today want options. Turtlenecks have been back on the runways and in GQ magazine for a couple years now. I love this look. He is dressy and edgy with the great teal jacket and dress slacks. If there is a look you want to try, wear it to a party or an event. People won’t make fun of you all day at the office but watch the compliments you get when you wear this to a party. Also, it’s fun to experiment with your wardrobe. Kirk is sporting this turtleneck with a dark teal blazer. This is a great fashion color this season and still in the green family (great for the holidays instead of red). The entire look is tailored to him and he looks great!!! You can wear this to NYE or a more formal holiday party this month.

When you are picking looks this holiday season, try something out of the box. This is the time of year to try that. I would stay away from light colors or patterns. Keep them for springtime. Many guys love the festive suits covered in Santa or trees. If that is your thing, go for it.

Have fun with what you wear. It’s a party and should be all about looking great, experimenting and having fun!! Happy Holidays!!

Q. Contrary

Mary Zarob

3188 East Indian School Road


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