Let’s make 2020 your best year by getting organized! Here are some of my favorite items and tips to create space that is stylish and functional.

One of the top New Years resolutions is to get organized and I can share techniques to declutter + honor your kitchen, bathroom, and closet. When we eliminate clutter, we honor our home by creating a sanctuary that radiates pride, serenity, joy, and comfort.

The kitchen the heart of the home and most often used space. Here are my favorite organizing essentials to keep your kitchen tidy while maximizing space.


OXO Pop Cereal Dispenser

Keep your cereal fresher longer with POP Cereal Dispensers by OXO.

• Two airtight seals to keep cereal at its freshest.

• Tapered design makes holding and pouring easy.

• Just push down on the back of the lid to open and push down at the front to close.

• $19.99

https://www.containerstore.com, https://www.target.com/, www.amazon.com

OXO Pop Containers / Slim and small size

They're ideal for preserving the freshness of all your favorite dry food staples. Simply push down on the lid's button to create an airtight seal; press again to open.

• Made of clear plastic with silicone gasket

• Airtight seal and lid that comes apart for easy cleaning

• Stackable

• $14.99 / $13.99

https://www.containerstore.com, https://www.target.com/, www.amazon.com

Glass Stackable Containers

Glass Canisters just make sense to store kitchen and pantry staples. The ability stack creates more space while preserving items.

Clear containers offers easy identification.

• Inventory management is a breeze when you can clearly see the contents.

• Airtight lids preserve freshness.

• Glass containers are stylish and can be used on counter top, inside cabinets, the pantry, or under the sink.

• $6.00 / $7.00 /$8

• I have found stylish glass containers at the $.99 Store.

https://www.containerstore.com, https://www.target.com/, www.amazon.com


These are my favorite woven baskets because they are timeless, durable, and offer great storage. These baskets are the natural color however the mocha is gorgeous as well. The well constructed handles make it easy to remove from a shelf or transport. Handwoven design offers a stylish solution to store kitchen essentials while keeping them out of site.

• Large cube size is idea for the bottom of the pantry floor.

• Small and extra small size is ideal for the pantry, cabinets, or open shelves to store dry goods.

• $25/$10/$8



Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

Suit Hangers / shirt hangers / Pant/Skirt Hanger Clips Slate

With a slender profile that makes the most of closet space, our high-quality Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers are lightweight yet strong enough for heavy-duty storage. Their soft velvet-like finish provides a secure hold, preventing items from slipping or falling off the hanger.

• Space-saving slim profile

• Package of 10

• No slip hangers

• Slate color on trend

• No slip

• $7.00 / $9.00/$7.00


Drawer Organizer

Keep your drawers in order with these chic dividers.

Drawer Organizers are a sophisticated, well-designed solution for keeping lingerie, undergarments, hosiery and accessories organized, visible, accessible and protected.

• Linen / cotton blend

• High quality

• $15.00



Soap Dispensers

Keep your bathroom clean and tidy with soap dispensers. Replace soap dishes with elegant marble soap dispensers. Use your favorite liquid soap to fill the dispenser to add your personality.

• Made of marble

• $25.00

https://www.containerstore.com, www.westelm.com

Stackable Draw Organizer

Stacking Drawer Organizers can be mixed and matched to fit your organizational challenges. They stack on one another for added versatility. Our Stacking Drawer Organizers coordinate with our other acrylic products to create the perfect solution for organizing your bathroom.

• Easy to clean with soap and water

• Clear stackable draw organizers are great for cosmetics, hair care products, and essentials.

• $5.00

https://www.containerstore.com, https://www.target.com/, www.amazon.com

Cosmetic Organizer

Keep your cosmetics in order and easily accessible with a clear cosmetic organizer.

• $15.00

https://www.containerstore.com, https://www.target.com/, www.amazon.com

Guest Towels

Treat your guests with paper disposable guest towels. Disposable guest towels in the bathroom is a tidy and healthy solution. Replace damp towels used by others with these and stylish Geese & Ganders guest towels.

$7.00 a pack



Fresh Flowers

When we eliminate clutter, we honor our home by creating a sanctuary that radiates pride, serenity, joy, relaxation, and comfort. Two of my favorite tips to add some personality to an organized home is with fresh flowers and scented candles.

Trader Joe’s is my favorite store to purchase fresh flowers. Trader Joe’s offers a great selection of quality flowers at a wonderful price. Celebrate your home and yourself by adding fresh flowers, they boost your mood and reduces stress.


Scented Candles

Make an environment brighter with a beautifully scented candle. My all time favorite scented candle is the bamboo fragrance by NEST which is fresh and crisp. Scented candles promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress.


• A beautiful scent can transform a space.

• Fragrance can create a powerful effect on your life.

• $40.00

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