On October 24, I will be partnering with Yelp to host a free event called Libations Amongst Generations The event brings elders out of isolation and back into the community to share their stories and wisdom with younger people. The elders in their 80’s 90’s and 100s have fought in World War 2, survived the Holocaust, marched for civil rights, and have endured countless booms and busts. They have so much to share. And yet we tend not to treat elders all that well. So many elders lack a voice in popular culture, are warehoused in senior living centers, and tend toward isolation and loneliness. How can we come closer and bring people of all ages together?

That’s the idea with this intergenerational event taking place on October 24. One of the elders who will be featured at this event, Bernie Gross, is 101 years old. He is a force of nature. Bernie still drives, lives alone, and is a treasure in the community. He appeared with me on YOUR LIFE ARIZONA, and that was his very first time being on television..at 101. Every single 101 year old deserves to be on TV (:

I wrote a book inspired by these intergenerational events: Life Lessons from the Oldest and Wisest which shares the great elder wisdom on parenting, marriage, longevity, resilience, happiness, and joie de vivre.

As one 105 year old lady told me, “The first 100 years were the hardest. Everything after that is a breeze."

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