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P.E. class might be on break for the summer but that doesn’t mean your kids need to be inactive during the heat! P.E. teacher, Coach Peter Caschetta, has some creative ways for your kids to exercise at home and step away from those screens. Coach Caschetta teaches P.E. at Archway Veritas, a Great Hearts Academy school from the network of nonprofit public charters.

• Game-Card Exercise Challenge—This exercise uses moderate movement and targets muscle strength and endurance. Using a deck of cards, pick five or more cards from the deck and place them in a pile on one side of the room. Kids stand ten feet away on the other side of the reeam and each participant has their own stack of cards. Kids hop or crawl over to retrieve cards and, once chosen, each card has an isometric (using your own body weight to build muscle, ie: hand planks, side planks, etc.) or plyometric (exploding jumping movements of the ground, ie: jumping up, twirling 360 degrees, etc.) exercises that they will perform as they head back to the other side with a playing card. See who can complete exercise correctly the fastest or record your time.

• Juggling—This game is stationary and helps with cardio and hand-eye coordination. Using grocery bags, perform the three types of juggling tosses in an open space; columns (toss one bag then two bags), rainbow and cascade (tossing three bags inside and outside in a pattern). Key tips:

o 1. Pinch middle of the bag with thumb and pointer finger.

o 2. Release and flick up at its highest point.

o 3. Catch in a claw downward motion.

See how many times around you can juggle for or time it out with a timer.

• Balloon Rally—This game is also stationary and helps with hand-eye coordination. Partners team up and see how many hits back and forth they can achieve while on their knees. Participants can lean forward, backwards, side-to-side but they may not make a movement with their knees to execute a hit back. You can only use your non-dominate hand.

As with any exercise or game, it’s important to consider safety. Know your surroundings, how much space you have and make sure to stay hydrated. Come up with a handshake before or after the game to show good sportsmanship. And all disagreements should be settled with “Rock, paper scissors”. Remember to have fun!


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