It’s summer and many of us are missing those healthy fresh foods right out of our gardens... but there’s hope! There are super-foods, hidden in your pantry that can be grown right on your counter in seven days or less. That’s our way to get all the benefits of

These super-foods are disguised as common bags of dry beans, seeds and nuts but with a little help from these three simple techniques we can activate their innate potentials quickly and put super healthy fresh food on your table and money back in your pocket.

Nearly every seed, nut, grain and bean naturally have enzyme inhibitors and varieties of acids infused into their skins that prevent premature sprouting and help nutrients for optimal plant growth. Unfortunately, for us humans, these natural chemicals also inhibit or at least greatly reduce our bodies ability to absorb vital proteins and minerals that can lead to serious deficiencies and other health problems.

The solution: Soaking and even sprouting these wonderful seeds, beans and nuts activates the natural breakdown of these inhibitors and acids greatly improving the life and vitality available to us.

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