Whatever your productive pet, from chickens, guinea pigs to ducks and beyond here are the top three tips to keeping your outdoor pets cool in the crazy Arizona heat:

1) Fresh clean water! Put in a shady place, auto-refillable & off the ground is best. For chickens try the chicken nipple. I know it sounds funny but it’s absolutely the best option for chickens to keep their water clean and fresh.

2) Living shade! A shade cloth is good, a healthy tree is better. As the tree does its thing it cools the air around it, kind of like a swamp cooler does.

3) Ice pillows! It’s more of a jug but it’s not for drinking, it’s for lying next to. The animals love it when it gets hot! It may even improve your production from your chickens! Just fill up a couple jugs with water and throw them in the freezer (2 for every 3 animals should do). Put out half of the frozen jugs each day then replace with the second half the following day, throwing the melted ones back in the freezer and repeat the process every day.

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