What is luster? It is a gentle or soft sheen on a reflective surface. All hair, no matter the texture or thickness has a natural occurring sheen. Hair loses natural sheen for three reasons.

First, hair is over processed or dried out usually from excessive chemical work or heat styling.

Second, too much styling product in the hair. An overabundance of product dulls hair by leaving a coating which masks your natural sheen and leaving hair looking flat.

Third, not rinsing out all the shampoo and/or conditioner from your hair. It is vital to rinse out your cleansing products thoroughly to avoid dull and dirty looking hair. Without a proper rinse the products stay in the hair which acts as a magnet to dirt and pollution negating your natural seen.

So how can you support and maintain the natural sheen in your hair? There are four ways:

1. Air dry your hair as long as possible before blow drying. Excessive heat dries out and damages sheen in your hair- bottom line.

2. Limit the amount of chemical work done at the salon opting for a natural gloss or less intense glaze to enhance natural hair color.

3. After washing your hair, blot any excess water with a microfiber cloth instead of a towel. If you rub or cause friction on the ends of your hair when using a towel, it can be left vulnerable to breakage. Instead, use a soft cupping method with your microfiber towel which gently removes water without causing any irritation to the ends.

4. If prone to frizzies or flyaways, loosely braid the hair when damp then release the braid right before hair is 100% dry. The tension of the braids smooths the hair strands so frizzies and flyaways don’t have a chance to ruin your day.

Remember natural sheen is a statement of health, beauty and proper maintenance of your most beautiful accessory... your LOCKS!

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