Men today like to dress well and don’t always want to wear a tie. Mary Zarob from Q. Contrary is here to help explain how to dress professional and polished without wearing a tie. Our first model is wearing a patterned sport coat. Ties are a great way to show color and pattern and if you aren’t wearing a tie, then wear a jacket with pattern or color. Love this one Everardo is wearing because he can wear with slacks or jeans. It’s tailored to fit him and is a very modern look. It is a great blue and brown check full of pattern and style. Solid blazers are great too but don’t be afraid of pattern especially if you aren’t wearing a tie. Also, men can add other accessories like pocket squares, belts, shoes, watches, etc to bring style and life to an outfit.

Next we have Dan and he’s wearing a sweater over a classic white dress shirt. Fall is all about dressing in layers and if you aren’t wearing a tie, add a sweater, quarter zip, vest, full zip, etc. Any layering piece is great. I love how he paired his sweater and shirt with these grey skinny jeans and Chelsea boots. Adding denim in grey or a color other than blue is a great option as well. It elevates your look. I really like his brown boots with grey pants. Men today are mixing browns and greys or blacks (for shoes and pants). Do remember shoe and belt color needs to match. When you buy a new pair of shoes, purchase the matching belt. It will save time. Dan’s outfit is clean, tailored and fits him well. His shirt is tucked in and he looks professional and polished (even without a tie).

Another thing that helps with looking polished is being well groomed. It’s not just the clothing but also your hair, beard and skin. Keep your hair and beard trimmed. Brush your teeth and moisturize your skin. Looking professional and polished goes beyond the clothing and includes your hair and face.

Our third model is wearing the most popular office casual look today. Polo and pants! The key here is always wear your shirt tucked in and make sure your clothes fit you. If a polo is too big, have it tailored and trimmed up. If your pants are snug, let them out and give yourself more room. Steve is wearing a Travis Mathew pol and they carry a nice trim cut but you have to find the polo brand that fits you the best. If you can’t, take your shirts to a tailor. Come see me and I’m happy to tailor your clothing. Fine tuning what you have and adjust clothes to make them fit better helps you look more polished and professional. People notice if clothing is sloppy and doesn’t fit. Also, it’s important to accessorize. Belts, shoes, watch, etc can help elevate a look and make it look like you put effort into your outfit. People notice.

Need new clothing or alterations, come see Mary Zarob at Q. Contrary at 3188 East Indian School Road in Phoenix.

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