Bunny James Boxes is the leader in food tribe-based gifting, making gifting easy with delicious gift boxes. Founder Lonny James started the company in his apartment when he was 25. Now 29, he is expanding the business internationally.

Now that we are starting our New Year’s Resolutions, you may be thinking how can I start this plant-based diet without any snacks? Or, how can I support my sister starting the Keto diet? Bunny James is the perfect solution if you or your loved ones, have a food allergy or identify with any specialty diet.

Assortments are curated to offer healthy snacking options for those with dietary restrictions, food allergies, or those who would like to live a healthy snacking lifestyle. They focus on unique and innovative brands that you may have never heard of.

Bunny James Boxes also offers great corporate gift box programs that can be used to show your employees how much you care of can be used as client appreciation gifts.


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