Baseball season is here! And nothing says baseball like hot dogs, nachos, ice cream and beer. But these foods likely won’t fit into your healthy summer eating plan. There are some great options that allow you to enjoy your baseball favorites without the guilt.

Hot dogs are typically full of additives and have a long list of mystery ingredients. But Teton Waters Ranch makes 100% grassfed and finished beef hot dogs and sausages with simple ingredients and zero junk. You can find them in Safeway and Costco stores. Try your hot dot in a pickle, grilled zucchini or sweet potato for a lower carb, bun free option.

Nachos are a must during baseball season. For a healthier version, sub those fried tortilla chips with a grain-free alternative. Cali’Flour Foods makes crackers made from cauliflower that are perfect for dipping with your guacamole and salsa. Made with just a few ingredients and low carb, the crackers are keto and paleo friendly. Find them in Whole Foods.

For a healthy twist on ice cream, get the kids involved and make your own frozen yogurt bark. Whole milk yogurt freezes the best, and Maple Hill makes 100% grass-fed organic yogurt that is the healthiest choice you can make for your family, for the animals and the planet. You can find them everywhere, including Safeway, Sprouts and Whole Foods.

If baseball and beer typically go together for you, try switching it up with a better for you cocktail. Kill Cliff makes delicious performance drinks in great flavors that are sugar free and taste great with your favorite vodka. The drinks are great on their own, and safe for kids. Free of junk and packed with vitamins and electrolytes, the drinks are much better for kids than those sugary sports drinks. Easy to find at Walmart, Sprouts, Safeway and online.

For an easy and upscale mocktail, mix Seedlip with ginger ale. The non-alcoholic spirits can be found at Whole Foods, AJ's Fine Foods and online.

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