The oldest lady I ever met was 108. She lived to be 111. That made her a supercentenarian, which is the word for someone who is 110 or older. Of the 7 billion people on the planet, there are only around 60 supercentenarians at any one time. Part of their staying power is genetic. But part of it is ATTITUDE.

When asking this 111 year-old how she managed to live for so long, she did NOT say, “Well I’m gluten free.” And she did NOT say, “I do lots of yoga and meditation.” And she did NOT say, “I’m on the low-carb diet.”

This 111 year-old’s 3 tips for health and longevity were: sex, vodka, and spicy food! We call that joie de vivre, or the joy of life. It’s something commonly seen in the oldest of old. Jeanne Calmest was the oldest lady in the history of humanity. She died in 1997 at the age of 122. She ate 2 pounds of chocolate per week! Again: “Joie De Vivre!"

And yet, most of us are so busy that we put our head on the pillow to go to sleep at night and don’t remember a single thing from the day goneby. That was the impetus behind my book, Happy Is The New Healthy It shares very simple tips that you can embrace right now to feel more presence and joy.

For instance:

--There are 1,440 minutes each day. If you just take 1 of those minutes and dedicate it to love, it has the most profound impact on your day. To just write a loving email or send a silent blessing or give someone a 1 minute hug can break up the grind and put you back into a joyful state.

--Set an alarm for 1:11pm and let that be your reminder to push back from you computer, take a breath, and savor the moment.

—“A beautiful, funny, and delicious moment each day keeps the stress away!” BFD. At the dinner table tonight, ask everyone for their most beautiful, funny and delicious moment of the day. It’s a great conversation-starter, especially with kids.

The greatest lesson i’ve learned from speaking to the 111 year-old and so many elders: their happiness is not tied to conditions. It’s not about “I’ll be happy when I get in better shape” or “I’ll be happy when I sell my house” or “I’ll be happy when my back feels better.” If we attach our happiness to conditions, those conditions follow you from year to year and decade to decade.

The healing shift is making a decision to bust loose from the conditions you attach to your happiness.

Here’s the mantra:

I am happy NOW.

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