If you want that thick, rich, green lawn like you see at the golf courses this time you year here are four rips to get you there:

1. Mow your lawn regularly perhaps even twice a week, now more than 1/3 the blade depth till you get to your desired height.  Be sure your blades are sharp! Dull blades shred the grass and have more of a browning effect.  Regular cutting helps promote dense turf and helps to quickly fill in small bald spots.

2. Water smart! Watering deep and less often helps improve plant help… sometimes yellow grass is a sign of too much water.

3. Feed it! I’m a big fan of organic, renewably sourced liquid fertilizers like seaweed juices and creams, but anything with high nitrogen works great… apply monthly as directed, at most, too much can burn your grass in a chemical way!

4. Iron! Adding a granular iron helps strengthen the health of your grass to require less water, less fertilizer, and still be green! Use as directed… only one application per season is all you need.

5. Fill-in shady spots with alternative plants that love it, like rye, dwarf white clover, or even the amazing dichondra (my whole front yard is this stuff… and I hardly have to mow it and it’s green year round!)

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