When it comes to sleep, plants can help! Here are the top FOUR plants that can help you get a great night’s sleep:

Lavender: The smell alone is a proven calm the nerves and promote sleep. In-fact, back in the Victorian age it was oft stuffed into ladies pillows.  

Jasmine! Another sleep-inducing smell that can also be included in tea-form, like lavender, to sooth and calm us before we head to bed. 

Snake Plant: Not one for eating or smelling, this one joins the NASA-approved list of indoor plants that remove toxins from the air like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene, and also converts carbon dioxide to oxygen while you sleep, purifying the air and reducing respiratory inflammation.  

Aloe Vera: Tried and true, the aloe is the oldest plant mentioned throughout history dating back to ancient Egypt, Chia, and Greece as an ideal human companion. Even Cleopatra used it to heal the kinds of things that keep us awake from sun burns, cuts, insect bites, burns, dry skin, constipation as well as reduce blood sugar, and, like the snake plant, purifies the air!

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