Geeky Game Classics with the Guru of Geekery Krissy Lenz

Game night is great for geeks and geeky families! It is tons of fun to find brand new geeky games to learn and play. However, it can be even more fun to revisit the classics with your family and friends. Did you know that there are a plethora of wonderful ways make your favorite classic games even more geeky? From Clue to Catan there are pop culture infused versions of just about everything!

How can you find the perfect go to for game night? You can shop by fandom. You can go by game. Or you can visit a local gaming institution and get some guidance!

Shopping by Fandom… If you are a super fan who gets super into collecting every cool thing that goes along with your fandom, don’t forget the games! Doctor Who has a specified version of just about every classic game from Yhatzi to Risk, but there are also great games that were created to envoke a Doctor Who adventure experience. Find them all here on Board Game Geek:

Star Wars, of course is going to have a version of EVERY classic game from Family Feud to Guess Who. But did you know that even smaller fandoms can find versions of the games you already know and love? Certainly Supernatural and the Walking Dead have game versions of classics out there. Harry Potter has its own Monopoly, Trouble and Trivial Persuit among others. Even shows like the Golden Girls or older movies like the Nightmare Before Christmas can get in on the game of gaming.

Check out all the Supernatural games on USAopoly:

Another way to get your game night going is to search specifically by game! Check out USAopoly who has a version of Clue for EVERYTHING!

Including the Big Bang Theory, the Golden Girls, Zelda and Rick and Morty. Their versions of Operation include the Nightmare Before Christmas and Rudolph. There are Risk versions of Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty: Pirates of the Carribean Battleship, Disney Candyland and more! Searching by game is a great way to go!

The Guru of Geekery also suggests a visit to your local gaming store. The friendly and extremely knowledgeable folks there can help guide you to gaming experiences that will meet all of your needs. Check out my favorite gaming store, Game Depot in Tempe on Geek and Sundry:

However you choose to go about it- by Fandom, by Game or by Guidance… be sure to have fun getting together for a classic game night with your favorite fandoms! Let the Guru of Geekery know how much fun you had! You can find me online at or every Friday and Saturday night at National Comedy Theatre Improv Comedy Shows!

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