More than 16.5 million people are planning to travel this Labor Day weekend! So lifestyle expert Sarah Karger brought in a few of her favorite travel essentials to make your last summer trip absolutely perfect!


Every great trips starts with the right luggage. And i am big fan of the eBags brand.

More than 3.5 million customers reviews

32 million bags shipped so definitely experts in travel

This is their brand new Fortis Pro in Rose Gold. It’s the latest and greatest in smart luggage - comes with integrated packing cubes and a USB charging system that can work with any portable battery so you charge all your devices!

So let’s talk packing cubes. They are amazing for travel - They help

• compress all of your clothes

• help maximize the space in your suitcase

• keep your bag super organized.

• and if you’re traveling with the family you can color coordinate so everyone has their own cube color!

So let’s say you’re living the laptop lifestyle, the professional Slim Laptop Backpack is the perfect bag - tons of pockets, enough space for 2-3 days clothes and toiletries, fits under your seat and is technically a personal item, so you can getaway without even taking a carry on if needed! Plus, you can remove everything and it can double as a backpack for your daytime adventures!

You can get all of these at


So when I travel it’s so important for me to have a few super versatile pieces that can dress up or down but that don’t wrinkle so I love Peruvian connections line of 100% Pima cotton dresses!

You can dress them up or down with accessories and heels They pack down to almost nothing, super light weight and breathable and most importantly - because I loathe ironing- they don’t wrinkle.


Masktini is a brand new skincare line that I absolutely love! Travel can be so dehydrating but Masktini has a mask for every occasion and they’re all under 3 ounces so perfect travel size

Woke Bae is your bff on flights- it’s a mask that’s a mist so you can spritz it on right before you take off and you’ll walk off the plane looking glowy and dewy.

Metal Head is great for events, golden mask that leaves just a hint of glint behind

You can get Masktini’s entire Glow Folio on Amazon or at at


Keeping kids on any type of routine seems impossible while you’re traveling They’re in a strange place and there’s so much going on. And they definitely do not want to go to sleep - that’s where slumberkins comes in - they bedtime easier and bring your routine with you on the road.

Slumberkins has soft cuddly creatures, each one has a corresponding book that’s lightweight and easy to pack.

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