Your kids probably have tons of friends and they probably spend a lot of time together so they’re going to want to cherish those friendships forever. Here are some DIY friendship projects that your kids can make to show their bestie just how special they really are. All you need is a little inspiration and a few friends…

Let’s start with those shells you found on your beach vacate this summer… just glue them on to a plain old frame to create bedroom decor. Don’t forget to put a photo of your favorite memory in it then give it to a friend for a birthday or just because you can.

Another idea to do with those shells is to spend an afternoon making necklaces. All you do is drill a hole in the shell using a 1 mm tile and ceramic glass drill bit - parental guidance is needed - glue a gem or embellishment in the shell and then add a strap or metal chain.

The BFF Canvas Project: Make a “friends date” with your core group of friends and create one-of-a-kind wall art! Each person makes her own personalized canvas incorporating art and words stating what friendship means; then the canvas art is randomly selected by each person in the group to keep and cherish forever.

Make your own “Best-Tees” because we all know two friends who are inseparable! Get plain t-shirts, use iron-on letters and numbers or use fabric paint that you can get at any craft store to create these best-tees.

The newest trend in friendship bracelets… has the making process easy and fun with a little bit of sparkle. Cut fabric scraps into strips, glue on some gems, and cut the ends into a fringe. Tie on one or more on to show your friendship love!

Finally, create a keepsake memory box for all of the secret notes, concert tickets, pet rocks, souvenirs and other school memories…Using an old cigar box with the labels peeled off, or use a plain wooden box, paint it any color you want, spray mount a photo on top, and and add embellishments.

There you have it, put a smile on the faces of the ones you love with these DIY friendship crafts.

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