One of the best parts of living in Arizona is all the time we get to spend outdoors and outdoor dining is no exception! Going outdoors to eat is a great solution for large gatherings because you aren’t confined or limited to the size of the dining room, which means the more, the merrier! However, accommodating all those people means that you need a big table and a “double picnic table” is the perfect DIY table for you to make it happen!

Step 1: Buy two picnic table kits

Step 2: Assemble the frames per the instructions

Step 3: Secure the two frames together

Step 4: Use the horizontal boards provided OR have custom length boards cut to size and install accordingly to create the tabletop and seats.

Step 5: Stain or paint as desired!

The end result is a 12’0” long picnic table that looks custom and can easily accommodate 12-14 people, especially if you add outdoor dining chairs at the ends! A piece like this is something that you’ll be able to enjoy for years and it makes it so easy to host picnics and gatherings.

When it comes time to decorating the table, I always recommend keeping it simple and trying to use things that you already have or that you can find in your yard. As a tablecloth, I used a long piece of 3’ x 24’ burlap that I purchased from a garden center. On top of the burlap, I added lanterns, which are a ‘must-have’ for outdoor dining because they add height and also offer light when you’re dining at night. Tea light candles scattered around the table can also add additional light while adding a special element to the setting. Surrounding them I placed potted herb plants. These are great for any table because they bring color and make it feel fresh and organic, but it’s also fun for guests to pull off pieces and add them to their meals!

Keep outdoor dining casual and if you don’t have enough plates that match, go to thrift store and find some that are similar – It’s okay to mix and match! However anytime that I’m mixing elements, I try to have one element that is unified to help tie everything together and for this setting it was the napkins. I rolled basic cloth napkins and tied them with a small piece of rope. This created a nice presentation that I enhanced by adding small white roses from my garden. In Arizona there is almost always something blooming and adding a small flower to each table setting is a simple way to personalize it for your guests.

Many of the items I used were things I already owned or that I found at local retailers, but similar items have been sourced for you below to create your own outdoor garden picnic.

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Glass Tea light Holders 


James Judge


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