Throughout the decades, trends come and go but some style are classic and true American style. Today we are talking with Mary from Q. Contrary about timeless American looks that never go out of style.

What is American Style – American style are looks that most American’s wear and that are tried and true looks throughout the ages. Such as preppy, flannel, rocker and even cowboy boots and getup. These looks we have seen throughout the decades and and classic American designers and brands carry these looks.

The first we have is our preppy look. When you think of preppy you have to think of east coast preparatory schools. Think polo shirts, blue blazers, khakis, ginghams, etc. Stores like Brooks Brothers or designers like Ralph Lauren carry these timeless looks season to season. This is true American style. Our model is wearing a similar look with his blue blazer, red khaki pants and check shirt. I like these red khaki cotton slacks because the color is bold and evolved from the classic tan khakis. Tan or brown khakis are great and a staple in the preppy style but sometimes it’s nice to evolve and add color. Other great preppy looks are a repp stripe tie, jeans, rugby shirts, polos, etc.

Our next model is wearing the rocker look. Americans love music and influence in their wardrobe. Think all the great bands from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Men and women love flaunting their favorite band at the concerts they attend or not. Wearing your favorite band (even if not an American band) never goes out of style for all American’s and at any age. Style is a form of self-expression and no better way to do that than through what music you love to wear. I love how Dan is wearing this shirt with skinny grey denim. Denim is an American wardrobe staple and timeless look. His is modernized with the skinny fit and lt grey wash. Very edgy and unique.

Our next model is wearing flannel. Americans who live in cooler climates sport this flannel look. It’s been around for decades. This fabric holds up and keeps you warm. It’s durable an worn by many workers in factories and outdoors. Marc Jacobs made it stylish when he designed for Perry Ellis in the early 90’s. This grunge look was everywhere. It has come back into fashion where the kids are wearing the flannel around their waist with their doc martens. This flannel look (the model is wearing) is timeless and all American. It has a preppy influence and love how he paired it with his darker denim. Think Levi’s, Calvin Klein Jeans and other notable American denim design houses. Denim is a true American wardrobe staple.

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