● Cutetitos are now cheesier, sweetier, and lovelier

than ever!

● Cutetitos Pizzaitos plush toys are hidden in a pizza

blanket ready to be unrolled and discovered! Kids can

collect all 12.

○ Check the pizza slice-shaped icon on each

one’s hip to find out just how cheesy its personality is.

● Cutetitos Babitos Series 3 are adorable baby

stuffed animals that come wrapped in a mini

candy-colored blanket and stuffed inside a shell that looks like candy!

○ Kids can unwrap a gender-reveal surprise as each Babito wears either a blue or pink


● The 12 animals to be discovered could be a Turtlito, a Poodlito, a Ladybugito, or more.

● Cutetitos Taste Budditos are inspired by kids' favorite food pairings and each set comes with

two mini best friends in a two-piece heart-shaped wrap.

○ There are 8 Budditos in all to collect (2 in each set), including a Cowito, a Puppito, a

Chihuahito, and a Lizardito.

● All series feature Super Rare characters to discover and include info on each animalito’s species,

name, birthday, and personality.

● Ages: 3+

● MSRP: $7.99 - $12.99

● Available: Amazon (all), Walmart and Target (Pizzitos, Taste Budditos)


● Kids can collect 12 party-themed dolls that come

dressed in looks inspired by a month of the year.

● The dolls come wrapped like a present in a gift

package with a bow, tag, and party hat.

● Ages: 6+

● MSRP: $10.99

● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart


● Cats vs Pickles: where lovable but misunderstood

pickles are in hopeless pursuit of colorful cats!

● These collectible plush include a variety of cats and

pickles, including foodie cats, sweet cats, scary cats, fishy

cats, cats with glasses, cats with class, and rare pickles.

● Discover and create an epic collection with

hundreds to collect!

● There is also a free, downloadable Cats vs. Pickles

mobile game!

● Ages: 4+

● MSRP: $4.99

● Available: Amazon, Walmart,


● The junk is alive! Summoned to life through

‘alien radiation’, 36 collectible Junkbots are waiting to

be unearthed from their unique trash cans.

● In this ultimate unboxing experience, kids dig

through junk to reveal hidden treasures and clues to

build their own Junk Bots!

● In the Small Dumpster Assortment , there are

more than 24 pieces kids can use to build three

separate Junkbot characters.

● The Trash Bin comes with everything kids need

to build one robot.

● Mix and max pieces to customize totally new builds using the universal socket system!

● Trash can and dumpster double as display stands.

● The more kids collect, the more they can create!

● Ages: 3+

● MSRP: $9.99 small dumpster assortment, $4.99 trash bin assortment

● Available:, Target, Best Buy, Amazon


● 5 Surprise Mini Brands became a global

phenomenon after going viral on TikTok. Now

there’s a whole new series of mini products

that can fit in the palm of your hand!

● There are more than 100 new brands

to collect, including Heinz Ketchup, Kool-Aid,

Miracle Whip, and Jell-O — and new shopping

accessories as well.

● Kids can discover rare Metallic and

Glow in the Dark Minis, and super rate Golden


● Ages: 4+

● MSRP: $6.99

● Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart


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