2020 design trends are proving to be all about YOU...your authentic style, the things you love surrounding yourself with, your unique style.

The movement towards sustainability and bringing the outdoors into your home is a growing design mindset. You can do this by incorporating earthy textures like rattan and various woods in lighting, fabrics and furniture pieces in your home. Plants in cool pots add a natural vibe with beautiful, variegated shades of green. Saturated hues of nature in blue and green paint colors are also finding their way onto accent walls, small spaces and even ceilings! Don’t be afraid to add pops of color! And sustainable vintage accents are always welcome in home design because they offer a unique perspective and add a touch of personality.

In an effort to support the local economy you can find crafted decor and home items at boutiques that are one-of-a-kind and tell their own special story. In doing so, you’re also supporting small, locally owned businesses.

Don't forget to invest in the classic pieces that may cost you a bit more but will withstand the “test of time” and have longevity in your home. To stay updated and fresh, you can always add accents...cleverly patterned pillows to a sofa or a pretty vase or picture frames to a storage piece.

In the end, what truly makes you happy in your home is far more important these days than what you see trending in social media or magazines!

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