Rachel Elise Trimble of Restyle Junkie is showing us how to decorate your Thanksgiving table with budget friendly items. Styling your table doesn’t have to be super expensive! With a few dollar store hacks, things already in your home and a little upcycling, you’ll be able to wow your guests this holiday season.

Candlesticks always add a lovely ambiance to dinners and home décor, but they can be pricey. Rachel shows us how to make custom candlesticks for only $2 each! Using a sturdy goblet purchased at the dollar store, turn it upside down and apply strong glue to the top which is actually the bottom of the goblet. Next, place a small glass candle holder on top of the glue. Add a candle or votive in the glass and now you have beautiful lighting for your table or fireplace mantel.

Other ideas from your local inexpensive dollar store include layering to create a magazine style colored table cloth with the high sticker price. As a base layering piece, a thin plastic shower curtain in the right color not only will look good once topped with other pieces, but it will protect your table from scratches and spills. Add a fake runner made from folded wrapping paper too for a splash of color too.

To keep wine cold, you can merge the practical with the decorative too. You can reuse your plastic Halloween pumpkins and turn them into fancy looking wine chiller using metallic spray paint and a sharp knife. Once dinner is served you can place your DIY chiller on the table so your guests don’t have to get up!

And then there’s always DIY fun that doubles as meaningful Thanksgiving Day traditions. Rachel encourages us to have our guests get in on the creativity. From adding paper and crayons to your table to working together to make a beautiful centerpiece with branches and a permanent marker, these simple ideas will keep all ages at the table engaged and feeling thankful without breaking the bank.

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