Gender pay gaps are an issue that plague many, if not all, industries. In this segment, Dana Look-Arimoto discusses eliminating gender pay gaps and incorporating work-life integration best practices to help managers understand and tackle these issues. Dana has spent decades managing, mentoring and coaching, where she has developed thousands of individuals and leadership teams, and a sense of strong advocacy for helping others. Her method, mindset, and movement, alongside real-life examples, helps individuals become better leaders and take charge of their work-life integration. The method is asking the ever-important question, "What is it that I really want?" Not just at work but in all facets of life, family, friends, etc.. Answering this question honestly is the key first step. Then comes the mindset. Now that the person knows what they want, it's time to put that into action. Using shift dynamics, the individual shifts their time and energy to fit what they really want and not what others expect from them. And finally, the movement. The movement is the communication to the world and the line in the sand and not backing down from what truly matters to you. Knowing our core values and deal-breakers and acting on these is the ultimate way to stay true to ourselves and own our own authentic power, and achieve work-life integration.

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