Makeup organization checklist

With more time on our hands at home, let’s use it wisely and get organized.  To keep it easy I will share my 3-step approach which can be applied to organizing areas.

1. Guide to Organize Cosmetic - To take the stress out of cosmetic organizing, I have created a 3 step process.

ASSESS - Assess your cosmetic inventory, look for trends, and consider your daily routine.

SET GOALS - Consider what you want to accomplish and write it down.

EXECUTE PLAN - Begin by purging items that are expired, damaged or not being used. Select stylish storage solutions for your daily cosmetics and special occasion cosmetics.

Additional Resources - I have created a Guide To Organize Cosmetics and a Tidy Checklist for your convenience. I turned to the best, Beauty Expert Lisa Moore, for guidance on recommended expiration dates by product and helpful notes.

2. How to Store Pantry Staples Efficiently - These quick organizing techniques will help you store pantry items effectively while improving inventory management.

ASSESS - When unpacking groceries assess items that can be removed from original packaging.

IDENTIFY - Identify containers to store the pantry staples that have been removed from original packaging.

EDIT - When replenishing new items to exiting storage containers look for items that need to be removed. Take this time to identify expired or empty pantry items.

3. Tips to store and organize reusable bottles - These quick tips will help you manage your reusable bottles while keeping them organized.

Tip #1 Store reusable bottles in one location. I use a large basket with a customized label and store in my pantry.

Tip #2 Assess your inventory look bottles that are damaged, missing parts, or not being used. These can be set aside to be recycled, repurchase, or retired.

Leslie Lehr is a Professional Organizer and lifestyle expert with a passion for living more with Les (Leslie). With more time spent at house, it’s the perfect time to begin spring cleaning and organizing.

Instagram @leslie.lehr

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