Back to School Today is the beginning of school throughout Valley. Here are links to school districts that will start today.Phoenix Union High School District, Elementary, http://www.kyrene.orgTempe Elementary, http://www.tempeschools.orgTempe Union High School District, http://tempeunion.orgAvondale, Elementary,

Remember to watch children crossing the street and drive school posted speed limits.

ALS Bucket ChallengeLast year thousands of people took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to have ice cold water dumped on them and raise money for ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. Last year the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 million in the US for research and patient care. $ 2.5 million was allocated to the Arizona ALS Chapter. Starting this week ALS is kicking off with the Ice Bucket Challenge again for the whole month of August. If you would like to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge go to to make donation and/or participate. The ALS Association is the only national non-profit organization fighting Lou Gehrig's Disease on every front. By leading the way in global research, providing assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating multidisciplinary care through certified clinical care centers, and fostering government partnerships, The Association builds hope and enhances quality of life while aggressively searching for new treatments and a cure. One in 1,000 people will be diagnosed with ALS in their lifetime. Military veterans, regardless of when or where they served, are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ALS. The minds of 70 percent of patients remain active, but their bodies deteriorate, usually quite rapidly. There is no known cause or cure for ALS and it is 100% fatal.

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Teachers Haircuts and MoreIf you are a teacher and work for the Phoenix Elementary School District, today is your day to get pampered before the busy school year starts. McCarthy Building Companies and ADM Group have teamed up with the district to sponsor complimentary haircuts and manicures for the district's teachers and staff between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Perry Monge Salon will have 12 to 16 stylist stations set up at the office for this mobile haircut and manicure.

Phoenix Elementary School District Office1817 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ Palm & 7th Street

Back-to-School Lice & YuckThe school year has just started in the Valley and some students are already sick. From strep to lice pediatricians are already seeing cases of certain illnesses. Dr. Sheena Banerjee of ALLKids Urgent Care tells us about illnesses we can see this school year.

1) Strep and mono are typical school season illnesses. Strep is a bacterial infection with a sudden onset of symptoms including fever, sore throat, headache and even stomachache or rash. It can take five minutes to get a rapid swab result. If it is strep you can treat with penicillin.

2) Mono has similar symptoms to strep but is less common, also characteristics of swollen lymph nodes and fatigue.

3) Viral Infections - more than half the cases are of viral origin. If there is a fever, cough, congestion, runny nose alongwith a sore throat, it's usually viral.

4) The flu starts in the Northeast and then eventually trickles its way south. Flu vaccinations are typically based on the strain from the year before. Halloween is the time to get your kids their flu shots.

5) To help prevent the spread of these diseases of course have your kids wash their hands or use hand sanitizer but also tell your kids not to drink from the water fountain and use their own water bottles. Have them take off their shoes before entering the house and change and wash their clothes as soon as they get home.

6) Here is what to look for if you think your child has been exposed to lice. If they complain of an itchy scalp, boils on the scalp, you should also look behind the ears for lumps (lymph nodes) and nits as they prefer to migrate there. Check all other family members and treat everyone who has symptoms.

7) For treatment of lice, you can start with over-the-counter Nix or Rid. Read directions and repeat in 10 days. Use a nit comb. If not effective, prescription lotions like malathion, bezyl alcohol, spinosad, etc.

8) To prevent the spread of lice, vacuum carpets, wash clothes, bedsheets and blankets in hot water and dry on high. Dry clothes that cannot be washed or bag it in a plastic bag and seal for two weeks, which will kill lice and nits. There is no need to go overboard with cleaning as most lice die in two days if not attached to the human scalp.

9) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also advises, "to prevent head lice avoid head-to-head (hair-to-hair) contact during play and other activities at home, school, and elsewhere (sports activities, playground, slumber parties, camp). The CDC also recommends not sharing clothing such as hats, sports uniforms, hair ribbons, or barrettes.

10) For respiratory illnesses, most kids who have fever, cough, congestion, runny nose and wheezing have a viral bronciolitis or bronchitis. Patients who have wheezing without fever more apt to have asthma. Usually a child will start with a viraldiagnosis and then eventually be diagnosed with asthma as they get repeated episodes of wheezing.

11) Here in the Valley of the Sun it is also monsoon season so there are some other illnesses to be mindful about, mostly respiratory monsoon illnesses include cocci fungus (sometimes called desert lung), Valley Fever, bronchitis, RSV and West Nile virus.

12) To prevent these illnesses, children should avoid playing in standing water, irrigation canals and being outside during dust storms.

AllKids Urgent Care Gilbert Pediatric Urgent Care1430 N. Cooper Rd. #101Gilbert, AZ 85233480-633-1111

Desi Feeds the HungryDesiree Garcia, who grew up in a broken home and was stricken by poverty, has made it her mission to help people in need and has dedicated her birthday to feed the hungry and homeless. She is headed to a Phoenix park on Aug. 15 to help people in need and she is asking for your help.

Desiree's Wish List:Bags of IceBottle waterCharcoal CondimentsDessertsFoil SheetsHand GlovesHand SanitizerHot dogsHot dog bunsIndividual Chips

All proceeds will go directly to benefit her mission in fighting hunger. Desi and her friends have started the "Desi Pink Army." They will wear pink on Saturday, Aug. 15, at Grant Park, 701 S. Third Ave., Phoenix.

Desi Feeds the Hungry & HomelessP.O. Box 7028Phoenix, AZ

Credit Card FeesWe all know that using a credit card has some fees attach to it. So we need to be aware what fees are when using a credit card. Jonathan Frutkin, founder of the Frutkin Law Firm, talks to us about the fee landscape of credit cards and the pro and cons of credit card fees.

What are the pros for having a credit card with not very many fees?

- It depends on your lifestyle: Those who do not have direct deposit or know they will be late on monthly payments should look for cards with fewer fees. Some cards will penalize cardholders who exceed their credit limit and charge a 5 percent fee for expedited payments via phone.

- Those who also go over their credit card limit often should shop for a low fee card to avoid late payment fees which average $35.

- If you travel, you definitely want a card without a foreign transaction fee (about 3 percent per purchase)

What are the cons of having a credit card with not very many fees?

- Cards with less fees usually have less rewards. Rewards are a way to justify fees.

- If you pay your monthly statement on time and do not go over your credit card limit, you may want to look at a card that has more fees and also more benefits. If you "follow the rules" and do not rack up fees, the benefits definitely outweigh fees that you are not violating and therefore paying.

- Sometimes you can get fees waived especially during the first year.

National Watermelon DayIn celebration of National Watermelon Day, Chef Dominic Jones makes us a delicious watermelon summer salad.

Humble PieThe Shops at Hilton Village6149 N. Scottsdale RoadScottsdale480-556-9900

Watermelon Summer Salad recipe:3 oz. Chopped Romaine Lettuce (2-inch squares) 3 oz. Sweet Spring MixWatermelon, cubed (amount to taste)Goat Cheese (amount to taste)Pecans (amount to taste) 2 fluid oz. balsamic vinaigrette Watermelon sparkler 3 oz. prosecco1 cube frozen watermelon1 oz. gin with lime juice simple syrup and fresh watermelon juice base

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