The Wildlife World Zoo: Serval Cats

The serval cat is a beautiful animal that some people keep as an exotic pet. While you may be able to acquire a serval cat from a breeder, they are considered wild cats. To own a serval cat, you must create a large, secure outdoor enclosure and provide a warm environment year-round. They will need to feed on whole prey food items. You will have to provide veterinary care from an experienced exotics vet.

It is important to understand the risks involved in owning a wild animal. Ownership of a serval cat is illegal in many locales and requires licenses, permits, and inspections in others. You must check with local laws to know which will apply. As well, serval cats are difficult to re-home if you can no longer care for the cat.

The serval cat is from Africa where tall grass and bushes can hide this tall cat from its food. They are known to resemble cheetahs but have shorter tails than their larger cousins. They typically hunt where they can hide and stay near water. In the wild, they are solitary and cover a home territory of 4 to 12 square miles. African serval cats are not on the endangered species list.

Having the longest legs of any cat (in proportion to their bodies), servals are agile jumpers as well as experienced diggers. They can catch birds over nine feet in the air and dig a couple feet into the ground to get under a fence. Servals make a variety of noises or vocalizations. They make a high-pitched cry to call other servals, growl, make a spitting noise, purr, and more. Serval cats have been kept by humans since the ancient Egyptians and are depicted in their art. However, they are not domesticated. Breeding stock arrived in the U.S. over a century ago and you may find serval cats that are many generations removed from African imports. Even such domestically-bred servals are subject to restrictions on the ownership of wild cats and exotic animals. Breeders have also been crossing serval cats with domestic cats to produce hybrids. Savannah cats are one such hybrid and can be a choice if you like the look of the serval but need a tamer cat that easier to care for.

For more information on all the zoo's exciting attractions and events, call 623-935-WILD or check out their website:

The Wildlife World Zoo is located at 16501 W. Northern Ave. in Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Jaime's Local Love: Hush Public House

Hush Public House is a local neighborhood restaurant in North Scottsdale ran by a couple of long time restaurant industry vets. The restaurant is very personal to Dom and Charles as it was designed to be a place that they would like to eat and drink at. The space is minimally designed with a high focus on the food, drinks, music and overall vibe. Hush is an intimate 40 seat restaurant with an open kitchen layout so that the guests can watch all of the action as their food is prepared.

For more information: or phone: 480-758-1572

Hush Public House: 14202 N. Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale AZ 85254

East Mesa Revival

El Rancho del Sol is supporting underserved communities and local entrepreneurship through a community kitchen, legal services, bike shop and after-school art programs for kids provided to the residents at low or no cost.

  • El Rancho del Sol is a community of local entrepreneurs and residents coming together to build opportunities in Mesa.
  • Fuerza Local Community Kitchen is a collaborative culinary space with cooking classes for kids, low-cost rental space for micro-entrepreneurs, and a restaurant bootcamp to jumpstart culinary careers.
  • We Cycle USA gives donated bikes to anyone who needs one, and teaches classes on bike maintenance and bike safety.
  • Culture Coalition provides after-school art classes for El Rancho del Sol kids at no cost to parents. Donate art supplies and musical instruments!

El Rancho del Sol :659 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85203

For more information: or phone: 602-956-0909

Local First Arizona Foundation-407 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ 85004,

Girls Tennis

Girls tennis fever following Wimbledon - how to get started, best advice for young kids who want to kick up a racket and get started!

Tennis camps is currently being offered at the Camelback Village

  • These camps are a great opportunity to start playing tennis or improve tennis skills
  • There are different skill levels, including Orange Ball, Green Ball, Junior High Beginner, and Tournament Training
  • All players are separated into groups based upon ability as well as age
  • Each session will focus on stroke development, drill and play-based games, and match play
  • The camps run now through August 1 and are Monday-Thursday from 8-11 am

For more information can be found by visiting

Camelback Village Racquet & Health Club: 4444 E Camelback Road Phoenix, AZ 85018


Cinnaholic is opening its first Arizona location and doors in Gilbert on July 12! This create-your-own cinnamon roll experience offers 20 frosting flavors and fresh, decadent toppings as well as best-selling combinations to choose from such as Blueberry Pie and Cookie Monster. All Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls are made-from-scratch and fresh-baked, and are 100% vegan, dairy & lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free.

For more information: or phone: (480) 590-3159

Cinnaholic: 1887 East Williams Field Road Suite 103 Gilbert, AZ 85295

Ken Scott: The International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention

The International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention 2019 is coming to Scottsdale, it's a 4-day event July 10-13 with seminars & workshops during the day, and nightly entertainment starting at 8 p.m. One of the performers/emcee's who is arriving in advance is 3-Time winner of the Atlanta Magician of the Year Award, Ken Scott. Ken has performed 5 times at the White House. Ken performs on Saturday, July 13th.

For more information on Ken Scott:

Tickets ($20 for each night) are on sale now at:

All shows start at 8 pm and are in Salt River Rooms 4 and 5 at the Talking Stick Resort & Casino, 9800 Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85256.

International Brotherhood of Magicians

  • Talking Stick Resort & Casino
  • Wed., July 10th - Sat., July 13th
  • Show Times: 8PM
  • $20

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