Jaime's Local Love: Branded Bills

A vision for something different, one of our owners Sam, handmade a personal hat for his business at the time in South Dakota, which led to an idea. Using a utility knife, a scrap of leather, and a hand forged iron brand our first Branded Bill was created. Roughly stitched and slightly crooked the idea of representing our home state in a unique way started it all.

For more information: www.brandedbills.com

Branded Bills :1733 E McKellips Rd Suite 103 Tempe, AZ 85281

BALUNSD $5 cold plunge!

BALUNSD is an advanced performance and recovery studio in Scottsdale. Services include cold plunge, hot tub, infrared sauna, compressed therapy, etc.

The Cold Plunge has a lot of great health benefits in addition to cooling you off! It brings blood flow towards your major organs. When this happens, the body's natural filtration system works to remove toxins and inflammatory agents in your blood from strenuous exercise or injury. When you leave the cold plunge, your blood is enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes. When that blood flows back to your extremities it replenishes your muscles. Your body will start a recovery process with reduced pain, inflammation and increased energy levels. You are BALUNSD for whatever tomorrow brings!

Balunsd is offering a fun timely promotion now through Labor Day. If the temperature hits 115 degrees or above in the Valley, anyone can visit Balunsd and chill out by taking a cold plunge for just $5. It is normally $10 for a drop in.

For more information: www.balunsd.com or phone: (480) 508-4115

BALUNSD 6820 E 5th Ave Ste 115 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Messy Artists Co-op

For many artists, working out of their living rooms or basements can stunt creativity. Unfortunately, studios can get too expensive and co-working offices aren't exactly welcoming to those who need to get messy. The Creative Center of Scottsdale is a co-working space made specifically for those artists.

The Creative Center has been home to all kinds of artists and fosters a community between them, where they can work on their pieces without the confines of a traditional office space. Today, the center has a few open spaces and invites the Valley's art community to stop by and learn more.

For more information: www.CreativeCenterScottsdale.com or phone: (480) 415-7013

Creative Center of Scottsdale: 3616 N Scottsdale Rd, AZ 85251

Build your own burger & taco bars!

Chef Tommy has created build your own burger and taco bars for delivery, take out or drop off catering - These bars are fantastic for birthdays, Sunday football games, family dinners, etc. They come with everything you need to impress your guests.

  • Be the star of your next gathering with build your own burger and taco bars!
  • Minimum order 35 guests
  • Very affordable @ $10-$12 per person
  • Need to order at least 10 days in advance

Burger bar options include:

  • Beef, chicken, beyond and falafel burgers & brioche buns
  • Toppings: cheese, lettuce, pickled red onion, tomato, cucumber, grilled onion, mushrooms
  • Sauces: aioli, ketchup, mango puree
  • Sides: chips and salad
  • Other add-ons: mac n cheese bites, roasted veggies, caprese skewers, pretzel bites

Taco bar options include:

  • Chicken, Carne Asada, Pork or Veggie Taco with 6-8 fresh toppings
  • + chips & salsa or rice & beans.
  • Other add-ons include elote, fautas, guacamole and churros.

For more information: www.Aioliburger.com or phone: 602-971-5555

Aioli Gourmet Burger 10652 N 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85028

Dr. Russell Horton: Kids and Heat

Kids are at greater risk than adults in this type of heat, especially mixed with the humidity, according to WebMD. How to protect your child from dehydration and heat illness! And what are the signs of dehydration we need to watch out for.

(Source: WebMD)


Protecting Your Child From Dehydration and Heat Illness

With the hot days of summer come summer sports -- baseball, tennis, football practice -- both in the neighborhood and at camp. Before you send the kids out to practice -- or just for a long day of play in the sun -- learn to protect your child against the dangers of dehydration and heat illness. WebMD turned to Albert C. Hergenroeder, professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and chief of the sports medicine clinic at Texas Children's Hospital, for answers to parents' common questions.

1. What puts my child at risk for dehydration?

The same things that put you at risk for dehydration: prolonged exposure to high temperatures, direct sun, and high humidity, without sufficient rest and fluids. The difference is that a child's body surface area makes up a much greater proportion of his overall weight than an adult's, which means children face a much greater risk of dehydration and heat-related illness.

2. What signs of dehydration should we watch for?

Early signs of dehydration include fatigue, thirst, dry lips and tongue, lack of energy, and feeling overheated. But if kids wait to drink until they feel thirsty, they're already dehydrated. Thirst doesn't really kick in until a child has lost 2% of his or her body weight as sweat.

For more information on Dr. Russell Horton visit: https://doctors.bannerhealth.com/provider/Russell+Horton/449780

  • Russell Horton, DO Pediatrics
  • 21772 S Ellsworth Loop, Queen Creek, AZ 85142
  • Phone: (480) 512-3700

SRP Block of Ice

SRP is asking customers to guess how long it will take for a giant block of ice to melt, with their smart thermostat inside. And winners get prizes!

We'll be keeping an eye on the block of ice for you throughout the morning, as today, is shaping up to be the hottest day of the year so far!

  • When: 8/21
  • Where: Queen Creek Splash Pad
  • 19535 E. Appleby Rd. Queen Creek, AZ 85142
  • Time: 3pm-6pm
  • Cost: Free Admission

Prizes: There will be 5 Smart Thermostat winners for the SRP customers that can guess closest the block of ice will melt completely.

People can also score an LED light bulb by spinning our EE Wheel. Coupon codes for additional entries for our online Summer of Savings prizes and grand prize of Energy Star washer, dryer, dishwasher & 55inch LED TV (installation included).

Ways to win:

  • LED bulbs, smart thermostats and entry codes for the grand prize will be given away at SRP events, which can be found at www.srpnet.com/summer-savings.
  • Get energy efficiency-tips and join the online scavenger hunt by finding hidden entry codes at www.savewithsrp.com.
  • LED bulbs and smart thermostat winners will be announced weekly.
  • The more entry codes customers earn, the more chances they have to win.
  • The Sumer of Savings program runs through Sept. 23. The grand prize winner will be selected at random on Sept. 30.

For more deals, visit www.srpmarketplace.com.

Tara at the Movies: “Angel Has Fallen"

Scottish heartthrob Gerard Butler returns this Friday for his third stint as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning. In the first two films, Butler was focused on protecting the President from terrorists. This time, his character is framed for an assassination attempt on the President, played by Morgan Freeman...and it all starts on a fishing trip.

For more information on the movie: https://angelhasfallen.movie/

For more information on Tara reviews and interviews visit: https://www.harkins.com/behind-screens


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