Goodwill: Addam's Family Values Movie

Goodwill is partnering with the movie studio that made the new Addam's Family Values Movie coming out this week. They are encouraging everyone to go out to Goodwill for their Halloween costumes.

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Derma Health: Botox/Injection Safety

  • Botox bars: Possible dangers and what to look for when scheduling services (licensed RN or doctor, specialty certifications, experience and understanding of facial anatomy, quality assurance, etc.)
  • Risk prevention: Ensure facility has a protocol in case an adverse event occurs and medications necessary to manage adverse effect should be readily available at facility.
  • Off-label and on-label treatments: Treating off-label areas is appropriate as long as provider has proper knowledge and training.
  • Take type of provider into consideration: It is important for the injector to have medical knowledge regarding medications, skin conditions and other medical conditions as some of these can impact how a person responds to an injectable treatment or they may not even be a candidate.

*Derma Health is ranked as the top 1 percent in the nation and is the No. 1 provider of facial fillers and Botox in the Southwest. Over 5,000 Botox and filler injections are administered each month at Derma Health's five Valley locations.

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AAWL: Autumn Health Tips for Pet Owners

It's patio season in Arizona. Just as we humans are getting our flu shots and taking an extra pump of hand sanitizer with the approach of fall, we need to be diligent about our pets' health.

The big concerns:

  • Mosquitoes Everyone knows those pesky bugs can carry serious viruses for humans and animals alike, but the most realistic concern when it comes to mosquitoes is heartworm. Most people have their dogs on monthly preventative care for heartworm. If you don't, we suggest talking to your vet about whether it's a good option for your pet. Some flea and tick prevention treatments also help protect against mosquitoes. Just please don't use a DEET product on your pet.
  • Flea + tick bites We think this is a year-round necessity, but if you plan to do more hiking or leaf peeping up north, consider getting a flea/tick collar or topical treatment.
  • Other things to keep in mind:
  • Even though the weather is getting nicer, animals can still overheat in 80-degree weather. Keep an eye out for heat exhaustion and don't leave your pet in a parked car.
  • Mushroom season is also happening in some areas around Arizona. While most mushrooms won't seriously harm your pet, we recommend keeping any foraging habits to a minimum unless you can easily identify a toxic and benign 'shroom.
  • Beware of chemicals that might be coming out more this time of year. Changing your car's fluids now that your garage isn't 1,000 degrees by 10 a.m.? Be mindful so your dog doesn't accidentally ingest any of those liquids. Also, neighbors might be putting out more pest control traps/poison to ward off rodents, for example, that are seeking shelter from changing weather.

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AAWL - 25 N 40th Street Phoenix AZ 85034

Dish it Out

Dish It Out, one of the Valley's premier culinary events, brings together more than 35 top-rated local restaurants, beer, wine and cocktails to give attendees great eats for a great cause. Ticket prices include all food and beverage. All proceeds are donated to BGCMP (Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix).

Dish It Out

  • High Street - 5415 East High St., Phoenix, AZ 85054
  • Sunday, October 20, 5-8 p.m., 4:00 p.m. VIP admission

This upscale event is for adults age 21 and older- IDs will be checked at the door and attire is dressy casual with a recommendation of shoes appropriate for walking. General Admission tickets are $75 a person and VIP tickets are $200. A VIP ticket includes early admission, preferred parking, and access to the exclusive VIP areas. VIP members are greeted with champagne upon arrival as well as exclusive access to premium restaurants, wines, spirits, and select beers.

Tickets are all-inclusive and available for purchase online. For more information about the event, volunteering options, purchasing tickets and becoming a sponsor, visit:

For more information about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix visit

Dish It Out 5415 East High Street, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Healthy Family Meals Made Easy Through Citrus Pear

Citrus Pear, a healthy meal prep service, where patrons gather to make 10-40 simple, flavorful slow cooker/pressure cooker meals in two hours opens locations in Peoria and Gilbert.

Citrus Pear classes are offered at Albertsons in Peoria and Gilbert. Classes are held on a weekly basis. Each class member goes home with 10-40 healthy meals they can pack away in their freezer and simply throw in a pressure cooker, or slow cooker, on busy nights. Classes consist of 10-15 people. All menus are created by registered dietitians who can accommodate food allergies or intolerances. Register online and sign up for the menu and date of your choice.

To sign up for a class or to create a private class. Each location offers approximately 2-3 classes per week. Prices: $189 for 10 meals feeding 6-8 people, $199 for 20 meals feeding 3-4, $328 for 20 meals that feed 6-8 people, $340 for 40 meals that feed 3-4.

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