"Keep Your Planet Neat, Recycle Your Car Seat" Event

NARPRO is partnering with Safe Kids Maricopa County and other local organizations to collect old, expired, and damaged car seats, which volunteers will take apart for proper recycling. Car seats don't last forever, and over time their components will break down, especially in the hot Arizona sun.

Older car seats or those that have been involved in an accident, may not have visible damage showing, but they should not be used. This annual event helps those with older, expired, or damaged car seats get rid of them in an environmentally-friendly way, by keeping them out of vehicles and landfills. Last year, nearly 1000 car seats were saved from unsafe use and dumping.

Residents can drop off their car seats that need to be recycled at one of our participating Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals shops from now until April 18, 2019. We will be recycling them on April 20th at Good Works Auto Repair located 2348 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282.

Here is a list of drop/off locations across the valley: https://narpro.com/

AAWL: Kitten season's coming!

Kitten season is pretty lengthy in Arizona around 10 months and starts just as the temps begin rising again.

  • Every year, AAWL has 1,300 kittens come through its foster care system. To prep for the season, here's what they're doing:

        o Launching online foster care orientations, so it's more convenient to become a foster paw-rent

  • Re-building its kitten foster care building (known affectionately as the cattery) on its main campus on 40th St. and Washington.

        o What makes this process really special is that AAWL is trying to raise money to help cover the construction costs and the donor who built AAWL's original cattery is matching up to $25,000 in donations for this current expansion.

For more information on visit: https://aawl.org/ or phone: 602-273-6852

AAWL - 25 N 40th Street Phoenix AZ 85034

Yes is the Answer: What is the question?

High school dropout turned millionaire restaurant mogul, Cameron Mitchell (founder of Ocean Prime at High Street in phoenix) discusses his new book: Yes is the Answer: What is the question?


  • The Power of Second Chances (Difference between mistakes of the mind vs. heart)
  • Stay Humble; always be willing to Self-Reflect to Improve
  • Put other people first
  • Adopt the "Yes is the Answer: What is the Question" mentality
  • Your past does not always define your future, always be open to growing to improve your situation
  • Motto, "The answer is yes. What is your question?"

For more information on Cameron Mitchell book visit: https://cameronmitchell.com/yes-is-the-answer-book/

For more information: https://www.ocean-prime.com/locations-menus/phoenix or phone: (480) 347-1313

Ocean Prime Phoenix-High Street

5455 East High Street Phoenix, AZ 85054

Camping gear for Country Thunder

Anyone headed to Country Thunder or another music camping festival this summer, needs the right gear for their campsite, beyond the basic tent and cooler. Here are a few ideas to round out your music fest campsite!

  • CGear Sandlite Mat replaces blue tarps or outdoor rugs, any sand or dirt will filter through the patented dual-weave fabric and get trapped underneath. Use them in your camp sitting area or outside your tent so you have a clean place to sit and walk around barefoot or change in and out of shoes without tracking dirt in the tent. Also, great to use with a popup camp shower as the floor. Different sizes, colors and patterns for RVs, personal size, picnics, beach, also make bags and beach towels. For more information visit: www.cgear-sandfree.com
  • NoSweat hat liners. Perfect for when the temperatures are on the rise at Country Thunder. Just peel and stick them inside the brim of your hat or visor and they absorb your head sweat. Keeps your hat from getting stained and keeps sweat from running in your eyes or running your makeup. Pro athletes like TJ Oshie, Dallas Keutchel, Golden Tate also use them in their helmets. For more information: www.nosweatco.com
  • Tapplock created a padlock that you can unlock with your fingerprint. So, at CT many people rent port-o-potties and lock them with padlocks, so everyone is coming in and using them. And in general, when you are camping you might want to lock up your cooler or 4 wheelers or something when you're going on a hike, but combinations for locks can be hard to remember. With Tapplock you just hold your finger to it and it unlocks. You can load up to 500 fingerprints, so friends and family can unlock it too or you can unlock it using the app. For more information visit: www.tapplock.com

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