Mamava Suite

The Mamava suite is a self-contained, mobile pod with comfortable benches, a fold-down table, an electrical outlet for plugging in a breast pump and has a door that can be locked for privacy. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has installed two Mamava portable pods in Terminal 4 post-security for nursing moms on-the-go. Terminal 4 also has two nursing rooms one located pre-security and one located post-security.

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Qwick app

Qwick app is making hiring hospitality staff easier, as Arizona moves towards tourism season

● Qwick is a Phoenix-based on-demand staffing platform that connects service industry professionals with food and beverage shifts in real-time with real hospitality businesses like The Scott Resort & Spa and The Canal Club.

● Quality staffing is the #1 biggest issue for the F&B industry, so entrepreneurs and co-founders Blaine Light and Jamie Baxter saw the opportunity for this type of technology and decided to jump on it. Blaine is a gig-economy and side-gig expert and Jamie has years of experience with HR tech.

● Qwick provides managers and business owners access to highly qualified food and beverage professionals when they need them, whether that is in a few days, a few hours, or a few minutes.

● Qwick has over 500 business partners and about 30,000 Professionals on the platform in Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Dallas and New York City.

● Qwick is making hiring during Arizona's peak tourism season easier for hotels, catering companies and other hospitality businesses.

● Qwick has a 98% average fill rate, making it the most reliable and highest quality on-demand food and beverage staffing platform in the industry and requires all Professionals to go through a custom vetting process.

● With their easy-to-use platform and dedicated support staff, Qwick positively changes the way people hire and manage their workforce and how job seekers search for flexible and short-term employment.

● Qwick allows businesses to plan for upcoming events, scale business with confidence or fill shifts that were unexpectedly left vacant from no calls/no shows. With Qwick on their side, hospitality businesses have no reason to turn down opportunities to grow revenue.

For more information: or Text Qwick at 79425 for more info

Qwick: 7014 East Camelback Road, Suite B100A, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251

The Garden Guy: Monsoon Pools

Keeping your pool sparkling clean and looking bright blue, this time of year is so tough. All this heat, and then coupled with the monsoon winds and the debris that gets in, just kills the chlorine. So, how do you maintain the perfect summer pool, and can you really do it yourself and fire your pool guy? Dave, our Garden Guy seems to think so! A lot of people don't know this.... but Dave isn't just an expert on plants, he's an expert on pools too. So, when do you shock, when do you back wash... it's a whole thing!

(Source: RIS Media Housecall)

Know Your Chemicals

An under-maintained pool doesn't just look gross, it can also contain E. coli and other dangerous bacteria. On the flip side, over-chlorinating can cause swimming pool rash and eye irritation. Fortunately, you don't have to be a chemist to maintain proper chemical levels in your pool. Using chlorine and pH testing strips to clean your pool is straightforward with modern testing kits. The colors on a testing kit chart represent your pH level, which tells you if you added too much or not enough chlorine. The ideal amount of chlorine and pH is:

  • a free chlorine concentration of at least 1 ppm and pH 7.27.8

If your pool doesn't match these standards, simply adjust the chemicals or water levels. Test your pool's chemical levels at least once a week to keep maintenance work low and the water ready for swimming.

Practice Quick, Daily Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is just like house cleaning doing little chores everyday can prevent a cleaning disaster at the end of the week. One of the easiest (but most important) pool maintenance chores is skimming the top of the pool every day for leaves, bugs, and dirt. This helps your water circulate correctly and keeps you from having to add chlorine too often, improving pool feel and aesthetics. Make sure to clean out the strainer basket and scrub the sides of the pool with a brush or pumice stone about once a week to prevent algae buildup. These tiny chores go a long way in keeping your pool clear and bacteria free.

Learn to Use Your Pool Vacuum

How often you have to vacuum depends on how vigilant you are about daily skimming, since dirt and leaves left on the surface eventually sink to the bottom. Pool vacuums come in a wide variety of styles and prices, from largely automated robotic cleaners to handheld systems with telescopic poles. Vacuuming the pool can require a little bit of work to set up, but it is a key ingredient to a healthy pool. And, the process can be about as fast and simple as vacuuming a carpet indoors once you're familiar with the equipment.

Shock Your Pool Twice A Season

Shocking your pool can sound scary, but all it means is adding a high volume of chemicals all at once in order to "shock" the system and kill bacteria. You only have to shock your pool about twice a season to counteract contamination.

For safety, make sure to wear protective eye goggles and rubber gloves when shocking the pool. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Use one pound of shock per 10,000 gallons of water.
  • Dissolve one pound of shock solution in a five-gallon bucket of warm water before adding it to the pool.
  • Once the shock is dissolved, slowly pour the solution around the pool.
  • Shocking the pool works best at evenings or night. Not only can sunlight dissolve some chemicals and make them less effective, but the chlorine levels can balance out while you're sleeping. Just be sure to wait until chlorine levels are back to normal (anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours depending on the kind of shock you used) before going for a swim or you risk serious skin irritation.

Check Your Water Level

Everyday summer play can cause major fluctuations in your pool's water level. The perfect water level is halfway up the skimmer line.

If your water level gets too low, it could reduce safety and ruin your pool's pump. Adding water is easy: just grab a hose and fill it up. Be careful not to overfill your pool, though. Renting a pump to lower the water level can be labor intensive and expensive.

For more information on Poco Verde visit:

Contact Dave at, or visit

Patrick Warburton @ Copper Blues Live

Puddy from Seinfeld is touring the nation with a hilarious new comedy show featuring the bestselling book LETTERS FROM A NUT by Ted L. Nancy! Joined by special guests, Patrick and company will mix it up with great comedy bits selected from the actual crazy letters sent by Mr. Nancy to companies and people all over the world. In addition to playing Puddy on Seinfeld, Patrick Warburton has starred in The Tick, Rules of Engagement, Lemony Snicket, Family Guy and Bee Movie.

  • Show Time:
  • August 22, 2019
  • Thursday 7:30 PM

For more information: or phone: (602) 910-5161

CB Live 21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Dress Distress - what to wear in the Arizona summer when you're sick of sundresses

Summer is still going strong, but there's no reason to recycle the same sundresses over and over; there are plenty of great options to get you through the heat.

  • Midi skirts are having a major moment; whether you're wearing a midi skirt with a matching blouse or a simple white tee, this is a key wardrobe staple to take you from summer into fall. Pair with slouchy boots when the weather finally starts to change.
  • Nothing is easier to throw on than a jumpsuit, romper or boiler suit, and all three pieces are as simple to wear as a sundress.
  • When wanting the look of a dress, choose two pieces top + skirt or shorts or slacks - that match.

For more information and store directory visit: or phone: (480) 270-8123

Scottsdale Quarter-15259 N. Scottsdale Rd; Scottsdale 85254

College Insurance

Did you know that you may need college insurance for your son/daughter? GradGard's renter’s insurance policy is an option.

As an estimated 2.5 million students prepare to enroll in college for the first time, it is important for families of college-bound students to be aware of how to protect their child and investment from the risks of college life.

Cost of Attendance Continues to Soar

Nearly 20 million students and their families will invest an estimated $500 billion annually in tuition, academic fees, student housing, and related expenses. The average published charges for in‐state tuition, fees, and room and board for 2018-19 are up nearly 3% at $21,370 (+2.8%) and for out of state students, total charges are up a more modest approximately 2.5% at $37,430 (+2.6%). The average published total charges at private nonprofit four-year institutions are up over 3% at $48,510 (+3.2%), according to the College Board's 2019 Trends in College Pricing.

College Refund Policies & Student Health Conditions

84% of colleges and universities do not provide 100% refunds for tuition and nearly all schools do not refund academic fees or other related expenses. In addition, the same survey revealed that 45% of institutions report a growth in student medical withdrawals.

Campus Crime & Student Housing Conditions

The more than 3 million students who live in campus dorms and student housing, have unique risks and needs. As a result, college students benefit from having renter’s insurance. According to the most recent 2017 Clery Act reports, colleges and universities reported on average more 28,000 crime and safety incidents on college campuses.

Record Costs & Real Risks

While back to college spending is at record levels, this is addition to the record cost for books and electronics which, if stolen or damaged will be costly disruption to an academic term. As a result, college students are smart to consider protecting themselves with renter’s insurance/

The good news is that GradGuard's renter’s insurance policy is designed for college students living both on and off-campus. GradGuard's renter’s insurance contains an exclusive student endorsement that provides affordable coverage ideal for college life. GradGuard's renter’s insurance provides both property and liability protection & features:

  • worldwide property coverage (for study abroad or mid-term trips);
  • a low-deductible starting at $100;
  • and no credit check.

For about 50-cents a day, students can protect their students' belongings against losses, making renters insurance a must-have consideration for college families.

The GradGuard search tool provides an easy way for students and parents to find and purchase renters and tuition insurance programs designed just for their personal needs at their college or university. According to John Fees, co-founder of GradGuard, "College is a great investment, but it is not risk free. When you consider the facts, it is smart for college families to protect their students and the investment they are making in a higher education with GradGuard's tuition and renters insurance programs".

For more information: or reach him at 602-541-1771 or


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